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external page This is Radio Kaliburg, Seleya's Only Alternative. That was AM/FM with one of their early songs, the rather colorful, “Big Balls”. Tonight, in Northern Seleyan Briefs, we will focus on the Beaches of Ananto.youtube.com When the Socialists returned to power nearly five years ago, they mandated hours of work be set at 8 a day. Along with this mandate which was supported by workers of the Left, but largely opposed by Kalistan's dwindling Investor Class, The Government directed that all state owned industries would provide workers with one full month of paid vacation a year. Workers could break up the vacation as they pleased, or they could take it all at once.

When working people began taking vacations, Kalistan's beaches became a number one destination spot. For decades, the beaches had been neglected, and erosion and degradation had taken its toll. In some places, sand was washed out, leaving a gravel beach. As the sand was pulled out, it made the coastline in places shallow in many places, increasing wave height at the shore, and making swimming for pleasure more dangerous. In Ananto's southern Midnight Beach, rip currents began to appear. Along the Suldanor coast, many sandy beaches turned into mudholes infested with mosquito. Northern Ananto beaches, which were never places that families and casual swimmers visited, due to its rocky coastline and tiny continental shelf, became hotspots for surfers.

But following the establishment of the Month-long vacation, public outcry for safe, fun beaches, and later Water resorts, began to increase. In 2021, Ananto began efforts to restore its beaches. Much of the sand was reclaimed in large dredging operations behind temporary jetties. In addition, new sand was provided to Suldanor's swampy coasts, removing the water table from the top of the soil, and creating nacent beach resorts complete with excellent guest accommodations, water slides, jet skiing and innertubing, and music. The resorts are a short cab ride from the nightlife in downtown Sulari. For a more secluded experience, Odufaray has opened three beaches of their own near Gendaris, and have recently expanded their airstrip to accomodate larger airplanes from Ananto and other parts of Kalistan. These beaches have more temperate climates, and could be described as somewhat more rustic.

But they are nonetheless very beautiful, and one, Shoals Beach, offers snorkeling opportunities at a small reef a mile off the coastline. Vrassa has gotten into the action too, and is giving Ananto a run for their money, by opening the first All-Kalistani Surfing Competition, every year at Senvias. All in all, Kalistan's beaches offer fun for Kalistani citizens and foreign visitors alike. There is always plenty of food and fun at the beaches, long seasons and even the most secluded beaches are near transit hubs. All are welcome to visit our Beaches, and have the time of their lives. And now, let's get back to the Music. Here's the Heavy Boys, in their popular collaboration with the Midnight Boys called “Surf Out.” Here on Radio Kaliburg: Seleya's ONLY Alternative.

Love Trails Festival, South Wales’s unique mix of running, music, adventure and adrenaline fuelled offerings is just around the corner. Acts now announced include the likes of DJ Luck & MC Neat, Hackney Colliery Band, Afriquoi, The Correspondents, Joel Culpepper, Prince Fatty Soundsystem, Charlie Dark and DJ Melody Kane (BBC1Xtra).youtube.com Love Trails is the original and best fitness festival. This comprehensive festival also offers a range of yoga and fitness classes from sunrise yoga to pop-pilates, hot tubs, a sauna and plunge pool, and wild swimming next to a diverse array of workshops. These include; a vegan cooking workshop with the Dirty Vegan (Matt Pritchard from ITVs Dirty Sanchez), post run nutrition workshops, exercise on the brain, how to run trails with Salomon, strength & conditioning, and microadventures amongst many more. Newly announced for this year’s biggest and best edition is the Official World Beer Mile Championships 2019 which will take place at Love Trails Festival for the first time this year.

Have you read the sidebar and rules? What is your intended use for this build? The more details the better. Besides simple light surfing & email, the main use is as photo editing PC. I edit on a 1440p monitor. What is your budget (ballpark is okay)? I'm in the 800EUR/900USD ballpark, excluding monitor/mouse/keyboard etc. I'm willing to reconsider my budget if there are substantial upsides to do so. In what country are you purchasing your parts? Post a draft of your potential build here (specific parts please). My questions I'm hoping to do a little OC on the CPU. Do you guys think I have the right components selected to get anywhere decent? Any advice on what components I could swap to get better results for the same(ish) budget? As the last desktop I built was still in the singlecore CPU era (have been using laptops since), I was hoping you all might have some feedback on whether this build in general is sensible? I'm planning to go with integrated graphics (for now at least), as I understood the benefit for Lightroom/Photoshop is very limited when not using 4k monitors. Any insights on this as well? Am I missing other benefits that I do not foresee currently?

From sea-faring fishermen to city-dwellers seeking an active lifestyle, India is witnessing a steady rise in the number of surfers, writes Supriya Vohra. A small, brown figure confidently paddles out on a big white surfboard, into the choppy pre-monsoon waters of the Arabian sea. Soon, the boy disappears into the collapsing waves. A few seconds later, he emerges standing on the board, finishing every wave with a stylish manoeuvre. A crowd of locals erupts into a loud cheer. The 12-year-old is dancing on the waves after winning his first ever surfing competition. Akhilan was introduced to surfing barely five months ago by an older group of surfers in his neighbourhood. Born into a fishing family in Mahabalipuram in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, “surfing is life” for Akhilan now.

A shy boy on land, he is a fearless, natural athlete in water, and also one of the leading examples of the existence of innate talent for the emerging sport in India. Rammohan Paranjape, a surf photographer and vice-president of the Surfing Federation of India (SFI). Based in Mulki, a small coastal town in the southern state of Karnataka, the federation is recognised by the International Surfing Association (ISA) as a national governing body for surfing in India. According to the federation, India's 7,500km (4,660-mile) coastline is dotted with at least 20 surfing spots. It provides training programmes to instructors, lists Indian surfing schools that have ISA certified instructors, and supports surfing festivals to boost the sport among the general public in the country.

India now has at least 60 professional surfers, including eight women. Sekar Patchai, 28, an all-round waterman based in Covelong, a village on the east coast near Chennai in Tamil Nadu, is one of them. The second-youngest of seven siblings, Mr Patchai mastered surfing in a few months and started competing and winning all kinds of water sports - surfing, kayaking, stand-up paddling. He is now a full-time coach and athlete at Covelong Point Surf School. Mr Patchai has also represented India at a number of competitions across the world. The growing interest for the sport, however, is a fairly recent phenomenon, just about 13 years old. But Jack Hebner, also known as the Surfing Swami, started riding Indian waves in 1976 - the year he came to India and set up an ashram in Mysore in Karnataka state.

In 2004, a surfing school called Mantra Surf Club became part of Mr Hebner's ashram in Mulki. It was one of the first formal surfing schools in the country. Tanvi Jagadish, 17, is an athlete at the school who recently represented India at the Fiji SUP Championship and at the Carolina Cup in the US. She thanks her parents for their support, but says that initially her neighbours used to mock her. Aneesha Nayak, 16, says her mother supported her, but her paternal family did not. Last year, the 129th International Olympics Committee decided to include surfing in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. For them, it was a bid to bring the Olympics to the youth, and for the International Surfing Association (ISA), it boosted the popularity of the sport. India is also witnessing a growth in the sport. Supporters say the rise in the number of surfers, training courses and schools is a positive sign. What they now want is steady support and recognition from national sports authorities.

The surfers are bobbing on boards in a mirror-flat Snowdonia lagoon surrounded by mountains, but there is no swell in sight. Then, a machine grunts, and a perfect wave erupts, sending them onto their boards and dancing down the glassy face. Who needs an ocean? This is Surf Snowdonia, a brand-new, inland surfing facility in North Wales.youtube.com The region is an adventure capital, with outdoor attractions including mountain biking, climbing and zip wiring. Now it also has the longest man-made waves on the planet - with rides of up to 20 seconds for experienced surfers. It is hoped the WaveGarden will revolutionise the sport, making it more accessible and ideal for families. A central pier splits the 300m-long lagoon and surfers, stand-up paddle boarders and kayakers catch waves on either side. Generated by an underwater 'snowplough', the wave is ecologically powered by hydroelectrics.

Share 69 shares Up to 36 people can surf at one time - and the wave is suitable for all abilities. The closer you are to the pier, the bigger it is, so beginners stick to the outskirts to catch the smallest breakers. After waking in an onsite camping pod, I fuel up in the glass-fronted cafe overlooking the lagoon and don a wetsuit. It really is the cleanest wave every time. There's no waiting around for perfect conditions,' says my instructor, Leticia Hooper, as we wade into the waist-high water. In the sea, I usually get pummelled by white water as I try to head at and catch a wave. But here, just a few strokes takes me to my place in the line-up. The pause between waves is a welcome respite you don't get at the coast - and allows for coaching. Pretend you're in the sea, relax and enjoy,' says Leticia. The wave approaches - and suddenly I am paddling furiously for it. I feel a huge rush of adrenaline as the board accelerates under me and I speed towards the shore, carving a turn across the pristine surf. Lessons start from £39 for an hour. The park is open 8.30am to 11pm, seven days a week.

She's been on cloud nine ever since her boyfriend Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain's Champions League victory earlier this month. And Perrie Edwards continued to celebrate beau's football triumph as she joined him for a spot of snorkeling and surfing during their romantic trip to Ibiza on Saturday afternoon. The Little Mix star, 25, commanded attention in a white two-piece as she relished in some time off from her busy schedule alongside her nearest and dearest. Exhibiting her incredibly toned midsection and lean legs, the musician slipped into a trendy square-neck bikini top, teamed with a pair of buckle-detail briefs, fresh from bandmate Leigh-Anne Pinnock's new swimwear line In'A'Seashell.

Ensuring focus remained on her sizzling physique, the musician kept accessories to a minimum, sporting a personalised 'P' necklace and a gold bangle. Share 226 shares The Shout Out To My Ex hitmaker swept her tresses into a sleek bun to reveal her naturally glowing complexion, which was enhanced with faint strokes of neutral-toned make-up. Hunky Liverpool ace Alex, also 25, displayed his toned upper body and washboard abs in a pair of tiny brown shorts, tied in with a twin gold necklace and a thick bracelet. The handsome couple appeared in great spirits as they soaked up the stunning scenery of Spanish island while cruising the waves on their surfing boards.

Earlier this month, Perrie couldn't contain her excitement as she rushed onto the pitch at the Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid to celebrate Liverpool's victory over Spurs 2-0 at the Champions League Final. The Black Magic songstress celebrated with the Liverpool midfielder - despite being benched for the game - by giving him a massive hug and posing with the trophy. Prior to her departure, the singer spoke to Boogie and Arlene on Forth 1 radio and said: 'I'm going to be out in Madrid so if they win it's going to be party central and I am ready to party. I just want Alex to be a part of it, that's all I care about. Eternal Magic Touring's new accounts showed the girls each brought home £1.65million.

The X Factor 2010 winners equally divided up the £6.6million they earned over the past year, with each bandmate listed as a director of Eternal Magic Touring. Look at what I can do! To date, Little Mix's accounts hold £5million in funds and made a £2.8million profit; according to new figures, this past year has been their most successful year so far. Perrie and Alex's relationship is definitely heating up, as the pair recently moved in together. The couple, who were first rumoured to be dating in November 2016, also had another family member move in, as they welcomed Perrie's childhood cat Jack. And they also have a fiery competitive streak, as Perrie joked she and Alex once almost split over a board game.

What's that over there? The Woman Like Me singer said on BBC Radio One last year: 'We had date night, it was competitive, it got out of hand. I swear to God I thought he was going to dump me - and I thought I was going to dump him. The blonde beauty has also shared that she definitely wants to marry the sports star one day. She told Metro: 'I hear a violinist and I'm like, That's going in my wedding! I'm a hopeless romantic but, at the same time, I'm career-driven first. And when it comes to starting a family, the star admitted she isn't feeling ready just yet, while adding that she does love babies.

I went for a drive in my MX5 one bank holiday Monday last year with some friends of friends (nice guys actually). A couple of RS Fords, M3s and a lovely lime green Huracan so I was obviously out horsepowered so stayed at the back. We set off from Shrewsbury at 6am and had a cracking drive up to Bala and on to the Evo Triangle, which I found boring compared to the tight twisty bits on the way up. Suddenly I looked down and had 20 miles of petrol range remaining. As we came to the end of the loop I shouted to the guys that I had to peel off and went on my way.

I ended up stopping at the some sneaky policemen with a speed gun on the A5 who informed me that there's a petrol station up the road in Corwen. With relief I pulled over and asked the polite old boy to fill her up! I then set off back to Shrewsbury and left the others to it. A waffly story but my point is can EV stations really make their way out to these remote places (in time)! I think that frankly, people just won't drive their car for “fun” in the way that no modern child even thinks about “going to the library”.

Why would they, when google can tell them everything they need to know without them even having to move.youtube.com For our generation, “fun” cars are (were?) an escape, a means to an end, adding interest to our lives. There are other reasons to go to places like that though. My wife and I love hiking, and frequently do trips like that Bali learn to surf go hiking. I surf and windsurf at remote beaches too that I doubt will ever have charging points (plus then I need more range to cope with the economy hit of stuff on the roof). I also tow my racing car to tracks in obscure places, and towing my economy halves. The challenges aren't insurmountable though, we just need an EV with a 600 mile range (so I can do 300 miles towing or 450 with stuff on the roof) and a quick charging facility. It'll come in time, but I think we're a long way off when you factor in my £10k budget for road cars.

Whoever came up with the phrase 'it's a dog's life' had obviously never taken a hound on holiday to Cornwall. I discovered recently that it's a dream destination for pooches after escaping there with my two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Evie and Cassidy. The quite splendid Dunes cottage was in Widemouth Bay, Bude, literally a two-minute walk from the sea. Now THAT'S toilet humour! After tucking into fresh scones and clotted cream left for us as a welcome gift, we headed straight down to the beach with the two, very overstimulated, hounds. Widemouth Bay epitomized everything you could ever want from a Cornish beach. The house was beautifully appointed and there was even clotted cream, jam and scones waiting for Katy on arrival! Often enveloped by an atmospheric mist at low tide, the clean expanse of soft sand is perfect for picnics, sandcastles and barefoot walks.

There is a separate dog friendly area, so your sandwiches are safe from furry friends if you choose to set up camp in the no-dog section. Or better yet, grab a bite at the Widemouth Bay Cafe, which is perched conveniently by the car park. We enjoyed a Widdy Cheeseburger and Posh Finger Finger sandwich followed by local Cornish ice cream after a long walk (and the American Pancakes are worth a mention as well). And yes, it is dog friendly. The pudding menu at the Bay View Inn is extremely tempting (left). The Bay View Inn, a short walk from our cottage, meanwhile offered good, simple fare made using local ingredients. It does have a fancier restaurant attached, but after a long day on the beach, beautifully arranged dishes were not what we were after. Make sure to save room for their seriously impressive pudding menu (pictured above).

One of the main attractions of North Cornwall is the surfing, and it boasts several surf schools. As someone who has 'surfed' only once before - in the Caribbean no less - to say I was apprehensive about diving into the English sea in May is an understatement. That aside, the staff at Raven Surf School were lovely, and not at all full of intimidating 'surfology' (highly specific surfing terminology used by fanatics). After falling over backwards no less than two times while trying to get my wet suit on (the staff had to step in and help) it was time to face the swell.

Our class was small and the instructor allowed for the fact that some people (me) were total beginners while others were fairly competent. After a warm-up and lesson from the safety of the beach we hit the - not insubstantial - waves. The experience was surprisingly enjoyable and I actually managed to stand up and ride a couple of waves (albeit not with a huge amount of grace) during the two-hour lesson. Far from feeling the cold, I actually warmed up, swimming out against the waves being a fairly intense work-out. The picturesque village of Boscastle is a definite must-see.

If you tire of the waves, North Cornwall offers lots away from the beaches, and our holiday cottage was perfectly situated for a day trip to Boscastle. This little picturesque village is definitely a must-see, with its old winding streets filled with cute little cafes, museums (including a witchcraft museum) and art galleries. Our preference, though, was to head up the cliffs for an amazing view of the harbour. Our walk was, of course, rounded off in one of the many traditional pubs (dog friendly) where we enjoyed a hearty meal and a pint surrounded by brick-a-brack gathered over the centuries that adorned every inch of wall.

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