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In a country where over 87million people leave below 1 USD per day. How can you promise to end poverty In Nigeria with no infrastructure on the ground with no technology behind The billion coin and ask Nigerians to pay in their hard end Bitcoins? Why should they pay you in Bitcoins if you truly already have your own technology that is (LIKE) & (Different from Bitcoin’s Structure)? This is an Untraceable 54,000,000,000 Billion Naira that will be leaving the shores of Nigeria Unchecked. Mr president this is unacceptable you need to do something about this fast sir. The Billion Coin company are enemies of Nigeria they will take your future from you.

Do not donate your bitcoins to anyone except it is a well know legitimate and registered NGO in Nigeria ready to help the poor with donations. TBC Multi-level donation is a SCAM. Do not give your private keys to anyone, do not participate in Any Ponzi scheme or MLM. He that has ears let me hear what my blog post is saying. Mr Satoshi Nakamoto has proven to every Nigerian that the future is in your hands. He has given us the keys to financial freedom. The Billion Coins is a scam they are here to control, steal, and to capture your future. Handing over your bitcoins to the billion coins TBC is the biggest mistake you will ever make in life do not hand over your future the enemies of Nigeria. All I will do is to tutor you about the technology, how to invest, purchase and buy bitcoins.

IT News Africa’s Jenna Cook had the opportunity to chat with him about cryptocurrencies, podcasts and entrepreneurship in Africa. Your life took on a new direction when you first stumbled upon [August 2019] - Bitcoin Account Nigeria on Bill Gates’s Reddit AMA. How different would your life be, right now, if you hadn’t made this discovery? As an avid Bitcoin investor and crypto evangelist, how would you describe [August 2019] - Bitcoin Account Nigeria and other cryptocurrencies? Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are just better money. These are currencies that are not controlled by any government or corporations. Are cryptocurrencies the future of emerging markets, especially in regions where people have little to no access to a traditional banking system?

People buy cryptocurrencies mostly to transact, not to speculate. So yes. According to Citi Bank, Kenya ranks fifth highest bitcoin holder per capita in the world. And being a trader in Africa myself, I can see the reality that cryptocurrencies are finding real-world use cases in Africa more than any other place in the world. What is your view on the announcement of ‘Libra’, the newest crypto on the block-chain backed by the likes of Facebook, Mastercard and PayPal? It only means that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and governments, corporations and individuals can ignore this reality at their own risk. Libra will introduce a lot of people to the world of cryptocurrency which is positive to the entire crypto market. However, Libra being centralized will have so many limits which will drive more people to [August 2019] - Bitcoin Account Nigeria.

In your opinion, are cryptocurrencies on the verge of reinventing the world’s current financial system? And if so, how long do you predict it’ll take until there’s mass adoption of this decentralised, easily accessible and mobile option? Yes, they are and I think within 10 years we’ll have so many different currencies that people will be using and switching between like they do with Apps. SMS and Cryptocurrencies Whatsapp. Your podcast, The Grey Ave Podcast, is currently the number 1 African podcast on Tech and business interviews, did you ever think it would be this successful? I started the podcast to get hold of the smartest minds around the world.

It’s weird that most people identify me with the podcast more than anything else I do, never anticipated that. What inspired you to venture into the world of audio content and podcasts? Curiosity and a belief that you can learn a lot more just by listening and asking questions to the right people. How do you market your podcast? I rarely market it as a filter against a bad audience. The type of audience I intend to reach is that of self-starters who are eager to learn continuously, regardless of the subject. Those kinds of people will find the podcast by themselves dynamically.

When I market though, I use Facebook ads or feature on other people’s content. Are there key activities you would recommend to people who are looking to become entrepreneurs? If so, what are they? How many hours do you work per day on average? What is something unique about the way that you stay inspired, come up with new ideas or manage your businesses. I do things my own way, whatever feels natural to me. I try not to follow the prescribed models. Has there been anyone significant moment, throughout your career, where you were satisfied with what you’ve achieved? No, I’m always thankful but have not felt satisfied yet. I can still push more.

Big Macs in Caracas and Prawns in Lagos are 50% cheaper with Bitcoin. This was published in Bitcoinist. How the Use of Bitcoin Saves on the Cost of Travelling in Venezuela and Nigeria. Attention travellers and digital nomads visiting Nigeria and Venezuela. Both these countries has capital controls on their economies and black markets for hard currency. For example, in Nigeria, if you withdraw money at the ATM you get 320 Nigerian Naira per Dollar. But if you sell Dollars on the Black Market you get 500 Naira per Dollar. Getting the better rate makes your travelling to those countries a lot cheaper. 1. Be a muggins and pay for everything with Naira from the bank ATM which is paid out at the official FX rate. 1.90 if you use a bit of initiative and show some love for the coin?

2. Take a large stack of cash Dollars with you to Lagos. Good luck with that! And what are you going to do when (not if) that cash gets stolen from you, most likely on the taxi journey to your hotel in the city from the Airport? 3. Buy [August 2019] - Bitcoin Account Nigeria before you travel and sell Bitcoin in small sums during your travels. This explains how you do that on the LocalBitcoins exchange. The benefits of using Bitcoin when travelling to countries with distressed economies is not restricted to eating unhealthy food at McDonalds. Ocean Basket is a lovely seafood restaurant with branches all over Africa. Beautiful seafood. Look at the Menu at Ocean Basket, Lagos, Nigeria. Many people might not wish to travel to Nigeria or Venezuela. But bear in mind that the arguments laid out here apply to any economy with FX controls. And as sure as night follows day there will be more economies behaving that way in the future. The canary in the coalmine is rapid depreciation of the local currency against the USD. Black markets usually develop as the authorities impose artificial controls on the official FX rate to stem the decline in the value of their currency.

Bitcoin is one of the hottest alternative investments out there. Coindirect makes it easy for Nigerians to purchase bitcoin using Nigerian Naira by offering multiple payment methods such as Nigerian credit card payments, international credit card payments, bank transfers, mobile money and Visa QR payments. You can also buy bitcoin on the marketplace from Nigerian sellers but this guide will focus on how you can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies directly from Coindirect using your credit card. Enter the value of Bitcoin you want to purchase in NGN or the Amount of BTC and click ‘Preview Buy’ to get a quote.

You will receive a quote. Press ‘confirm’ before the quote expires. You will then go to a page to verify your transaction and be redirected to your Coindirect wallet. Your Wallet will be credited with the Bitcoin that you have just purchased. You can also buy the other 40 cryptocurrencies available on Coindirect using your credit card following the same process, just click buy on the wallet for the altcoin that you want to buy. You can also buy using an international credit card which buys crypto in EUR following the same process. The only difference is that you will have to choose ‘VISA Card (EUR)’ and get quoted in Euros. Here is a guide if you want a step by step tutorial. Credit card processing fees are 3.99% for “New credit card (EUR)” and 1.99% for “New credit card (NGN)”. Invite others to open a free Coindirect account and earn up to 7 XRP for each person you refer. You and the person you refer will receive 2 XRP when they verify their identity. You will then receive additional XRP when the person you referred performs their first transaction. Find out more about our earn program here.

The exchange purportedly stated that it is not going to list Bitcoin Futures in March this year, however, the previous Bitcoin Futures contracts listed on the exchange will remain listed till their expiry in June. The exchange will now rethink the space and priority being given to cryptocurrency. The Google trends have been showing African regions such as Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya showing the most interest in Bitcoin in the last 12 months, however, this has not translated into the volume of cryptocurrency trading there. PATRICIA Technologies, an ecommerce company, wants to bring in a balance to meet people’s expectations in cryptocurrencies.

The company recently announced plans to introduce a stable for its African users. PATRICIA Technologies founder Hanu Agbodje stated that the media has covered cryptocurrencies for a few years now. Despite these efforts, the true nature of cryptocurrencies remains somewhat murky and undefined. At the moment, cryptocurrencies represent different things to regulators, bankers, and TINY.CC to the general public. “We intend to offer Africans something reliable, beneficial and that will boost the IGR of many African countries. Stable coins are important for exchange users, exchange operators, and for the cryptocurrency market as a whole”, he added. A global threat intelligence team named Unit 42 of US-based Palo Alto Networks’ has analyzed a low volume trojan malware called Cardinal RAT.

According to their research, the malware is being used attack Israel-based fintech and cryptocurrencies. “Looking at submissions to VirusTotal, there are 13 Carp Downloader documents. Note that we are only looking at submissions for “entry” type files, not subsequently dropped files. When looking at the first submitters for these documents in Figure 1, we see they are predominantly uploaded from Israel,” it added. In other news, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced plans to hire cryptocurrency engineers to contribute to an open-source Bitcoin/crypto ecosystem called SquareCrypto. Jack did not stop there. He promised, “Work from anywhere, report directly to me, and we can even pay you in Bitcoin!

Read the most recent Cryptocurrency News to stay updated about the cryptocurrency market. Hardforks, softforks, new altcoins, price trends and investments. Read the most recent Cryptocurrency News to stay updated about the cryptocurrency market. 45a6e11884e2569209ba5eea2fbc4.png”,“gender”:“male”,“description”:“Daniel is a truth seeker who happens to be amazed by the power of two things: the blockchain technology and a word fixed at the right place in a sentence! Daniel O. Nyairo”,“desc”:“Daniel is a truth seeker who happens to be amazed by the power of two things: the blockchain technology and a word fixed at the right place in a sentence! Daniel O. Nyairo archive page on Cointelegraph.

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How much capital will you need to invest to start? That depends on how fast you want to go? 20,000 at first before I quickly realized the potential as a business, after which, I had to invest more. The best sources to sell your gift cards for the highest profit margin and how to withdraw your money into your local bank account or through Bitcoin. How to advertise your business for FREE! How to earn more Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies from gift cards. All you need to start is your smartphone and a start up capital of ₦10,000. You will learn the A-Z of this Business and How to succeed from it. And also, I will be available to assist you further after going through the manual. 12). You have 1 month money back guarantee.

Considering bitcoin is just another currency, what can it offer that my local currency can't to improve the economy of the nation? Bitcoin is a currency, it can only do what currency can, and you can use it the same you use your own currency. There is one advantage over traditional cash or digital, you don't need to be next to the guy in case of cash and you don't need a third party (as with digital). But this is where it stops. Bitcoin won't create jobs, won't create factories, will not make people smart, will not combat corruption, government's stupidity or anything. Perhaps the biggest influence of [August 2019] - Bitcoin Account Nigeria on some country is in fact that it create new jobs, mosty in exchange companies or people who do business with cryoto ATMs or anything similar.

I seriously doubt any 3rd party that you must pay to get a deal done is actually adding anything to the economy. Let's see this example. I must use an intermediary. I choose to buy less than 10k and pay the guy with the rest, so Tom gets fewer sales. I choose to buy the exact 10k, I pay the guy a fee, Tom gets its sales, but I've just paid more so I will cut my expenses and John won't be able to sell me anything. So rather than bringing value, it's more redistribution and is actually hurting the economy. JUST like a poor coverage and high fees banking sector would. Now, I would really want to hear from the OP some real data, no clickbait bs about real-life usage in Nigeria. People, shops, business and not only that they offer bitcoin payments, how many bitcoin payments are they getting! Without that data is impossible to really measure if there is an impact.

Not sure if this is the right sub, sorry if not. In my private mail account I saw an increase in spam mails recently. Not the annoying newsletter one where you accidentally signed up once but at least have the chance to unsubscribe. I'm talking about the really shady bitcoin/nigerian prince/viagra etc. stuff. A lot of them go straight to the spam folder. It's still annoying, because I have to check this folder too for any important mails that may have landed there. But a lot of the spam mails also come directly to my inbox. I already set a lot of rules with keywords etc. that they are delete automatically but still there's a lot of them. Is there some way to get rid of them that i'm somehow missing?

Notice: this is a fictional piece that takes place in the future. This was the meeting they had meticulously prepared for. Part of Operation Barcelona. ” asked Secretary of Energy Mains. No one ever explains how these code names get codified. “Probably some GS-11 flack in Langley,” mused Attorney General Chavez. Like jokes, codenames often have a bit of truth in them. To remember which code name is for which operation, code name creators often use some sort of short-cut — like the code name and the item in question both starting with the same letter. Barcelona starting with “B” just like Bitcoin. Just then the meeting was called to order. They were all sitting around the dark table in the dark room six floors below ground-level in the unmarked office building.

At least the principals were. Crowded behind them was a gaggle of junior staffers, political hacks, military men, and a fair number of people with tattoos (the techies). Even in this group known for secrecy, this meeting was not on anyone’s official schedule. Before coming to the meeting, everyone’s phones and other devices were taken away. And if Barcelona is green-lit, all of the people in the room will be flown and sequestered at Fort Bragg for 48 hours while the operation is carried out. There will be no leaks … not this time. “They don’t make conspiracies like they used to.

The Manhattan Project could never happen today … too many damn leaks,” said Secretary Mains. “Let’s get this meeting called to order.” Of course, National Security Advisor McCafferty was the first to speak. She had the President’s ear. And more importantly, she was the one in direct contact with the Chinese. “Everyone here has contributed to Operation Barcelona over the last few months. All of you represent important stakeholders. We are discussing something that will likely decide the outcome of our nation’s most important strategic advantage: the hegemony of the U.S. “I’d like to propose a quick discussion and then a vote to see if we go forward. DEA Administrator Jones was the first to speak up. He was marked by most as a big Bitcoin enthusiast.

Many in the room believed he secretly owned a bunch of Bitcoin himself even though they were all forced to sell their holdings months ago. “It is the position of the DEA that Bitcoin is a good thing. For the past two years, we have been able to track illicit transactions across the globe. In the old days of cash they were fully anonymous … now these deals are at least semi-anonymous. 100 bill to make cash transactions much more difficult. 100 bill just means that cash now weighs twice as much (they’ll just use fifties). Gangs are cunning — seems like they can easily figure out a way around it”. CIA Director Tessle was also in the pro-Bitcoin camp. It was rumored to be the most effective way for the CIA to pay its informants. “How Bitcoin trades in countries is an early indication of future instability.

It is great intel for us. “Ok, ok,” inserted National Security Advisor McCafferty. They went around the room and each person made their case. Some were impassioned. Some were technical. Most were in agreement. Treasury Secretary Wu was one of the last to speak. “The question in my mind is whether the Bitcoin shutdown will hurt ALL the crypto-assets or just promote the others? If shutting down BTC just means everyone moves into ETH … then it is not worth it.tinyurl.com We want one huge blow that will make the global public lose confidence in ALL crypto. After a few more rounds they agreed (unanimously) that Operation Barcelona was a go. Now they needed to rely on the Chinese.

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Ray Youssef, CEO of Paxful. While much of the recent crypto-related news headlines have focused on the fluctuating Bitcoin price, the interest in Bitcoin in Africa has continued to grow at a rapid pace. Paxful, reports that its total number of transactions from African consumers has risen to roughly R948 million per month.bet9ja.com Africa now accounts for the highest number of new subscribers to the portal per month. The appetite for cryptocurrency is widespread. Over the past year, transactions on the Paxfulplatform from South Africa increased by 25%, by 60% in Nigeria and by up to 100% in other parts of the continent. For Africa as a whole, Paxful has seen a 225% increase in users in the last 12 months. The demand for cryptocurrency is notably characterised by a marked increase in the 18-30 age group.

The average Bitcoin purchase is R871, while the average Paxful wallet transaction is currently under R435. Without the scale and type of traditional banking infrastructure available in the developed world, many parts of the continent are already au fait with mobile money payment systems. African millennials are finding that cryptocurrencies offer alternative convenient and cost-effective access to the global financial system. Africans are using cryptocurrency to satisfy both personal finance needs and entrepreneurial ventures; transferring goods, services, and money domestically as well as globally. For some, virtual currencies have the benefit of acting as a hedge against constantly fluctuating local bourse. Virtual currencies also serve as an effective and more profitable alternative to their local currency.

Consumers tend to use virtual currencies to buy goods, and in return, merchants may double their profit as the price of Bitcoin tends to fluctuate. There is also an emerging generation of Africans buying crypto as investment vehicles into promising blockchain start-ups. A relatively small number of Africans trade digital currencies speculatively for profit. Paxful has always believed in the potential of Bitcoin to benefit people across Africa. BuiltWithBitcoin, a campaign encouraging the cryptocurrency sector to contribute funds for humanitarian projects. The International non-profit organization, Zam Zam Water, is the implementation partner for the program.Paxful has committed to building 100 schools across the continent, as well as water wells and community gardens for sustainable agriculture. BuiltWithBitcoin initiative, Paxful recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise R1.3million required to build a primary school in Rwanda, following its initial investment in a nursery school in the country.

Paxful donated R263 000 worth of Bitcoin to kick-start the crowdfunding campaign and has committed to matching all donations from the crypto community until the target is reached. BuiltWithBitcoin program is located in Kasebigege Village in Rwanda’s Bugesera District. Paxful donated R660 000 in Bitcoin for the construction of the nursery school in 2017. It serves children aged 3-6 in an area of 7,500 villagers. The school boasts a 35 000-literwater tank, portable irrigation and a water-catchment system which can also be used by local farmers. Teachers are provided with educational materials and salaries while students receive free uniforms and lunches.

Builtwithcoin has also expanded to provide scholarships to women in the Middle East. “The adoption of Bitcoin across the globe re-affirms our belief that crypto will take its place as a mainstream financial system. As has been the case with other disruptive financial tech innovations like mobile money, Africa is leading the peer-to-peer financial revolution. Our aim is to continue to partner with consumers to expand access the global financial system.” Ray Youssef, Chief Executive Officer of Paxful. “As a company, we’ve learned a lot from African consumers. For instance, we’ve improved our mobile capabilities to cater to the widespread use of smartphones on the continent. Our experience in Africa has strengthened our capability to serve consumers regardless of geographical location or origin.” ArturSchaback, Chief Operating Officer Paxful.

According to Alasdair Rambaud, senior vice president for payment solutions provider CardinalCommerce and a self-proclaimed bitcoin user, this is the only factor prohibiting bitcoin from mass adoption. Rambaud believes that “most large merchants” in the US are currently looking into accepting bitcoin as payment, and that the reasons go far deeper than the publicity that can be gained. “I don’t see any other barriers to mass adoption of this aside from the image. The two-year CardinalCommerce veteran explains that this strong value proposition was what encouraged his company to partner with bitcoin processor Bitnet on 25th March. The deal enables any CardinalCommerce merchant to add a bitcoin payment option through its existing integration with its OneConnection service.

While positioning Cardinal at the forefront of alternative payment trends, however, the move followed what Rambaud described as 24 months of merchant demand for the offering. “We started an inquiry and started asking other merchants. The feedback was definitely positive. They said it’s definitely something that was interesting,” Rambaud continued. Though enthusiasm within the bitcoin business community may be waning for e-commerce as a pressing use case of the technology, Rambaud offered a different take. In particular, he framed bitcoin as a compelling international e-commerce option, one that would allow larger merchants to increase overall business. “Merchants, especially internationally, if they have an order coming from Nigeria with a credit card, they’re probably not going to accept it,” Rambaud explained.

Rambaud further stressed that large merchants have an incentive to reduce the high fees they currently pay to accept payment, suggesting that any solution that attacks this pain point is likely to spark interest. “Merchants are looking at how they can lower their cost for accepting payment and they’re seeing [August 2019] - Bitcoin Account Nigeria as a way to lower that cost,” he added. Despite the number of alternative payments that have emerged in recent years, Rambaud said that bitcoin is pulling away from the pack by helping merchants avoid credit card fees and removing the need for currency conversion. “If you look at Google Wallet, MasterPass, all the new ones are sort of the same and they don’t change the cost for the merchant,” Rambaud said. Rambaud suggested that the ease of use promised by the products hasn’t proven enough to overcome the similarity of these payment methods to more traditional options.

Further, he explained that one of the key reasons he uses bitcoin is due to the high credit card fees he used to pay on his frequent travels to Europe from the US. “I’m a French and US citizen, so I’m constantly using euros and dollars,” Rambaud said. Today Rambaud has two bitcoin wallets [August 2019] - Bitcoin Account Nigeria one connected to a US bank account, the other to a bank account in Europe. Key to lowering these overall costs, however, will be that merchants incentivize bitcoin use through discounts, something that Bitnet partner Rakuten recently did upon its bitcoin launch. These discounts, Rambaud said, are likely to be an effective way to create what he called a “win-win” situation for merchants and consumers, even those who may currently believe the credit card rewards points are the most compelling offers.

“You have point junkies, but if you have a 2% transaction fee and you’re only getting 100 points, and someone else is saying we’ll give you 2% off for using [August 2019] - Bitcoin Account Nigeria, I think you have a real value proposition. Your 2% that you’re going to give them is better than the reward they would get,” Rimbaud said. Of course, promoting this activity as the best course of action for bitcoin merchants will be something left to Cardinal’s new partner, Bitnet. “Now that we have a partner in Bitnet, they can explain the value proposition. We can engage the interest and they can come in with case studies around other merchants they have,” he added.

If you’re ready to join the Bitcoin revolution in Africa and looking for ways to get bitcoin in Nigeria. Follow the steps below on how to get started with Bitcoin in Nigeria. Firstly, you need a bitcoin wallet, this is an application that allows users to store, receive and send [August 2019] - Bitcoin Account Nigeria. Think about it as your online Nigerian bank account. You can choose from different types of bitcoin from desktop to mobile app. After you create your own bitcoin wallet, then ahead to NairaEx and sign up for a bitcoin trading account in Nigeria; this is a simple process requiring only some of your details. Next, go to your NairaEx dashboard which will be accessible to you once you have logged in. After navigating to this section you select the option highlighted as “Buy or Sell Bitcoin”. Next you can select Naira as your payment option and enter the number of Naira you want to buy or sell. Then you can paste in your Bitcoin address, you can get your bitcoin address from the [August 2019] - Bitcoin Account Nigeria wallet you created with Blocktrail your Naira. Click submit and on the next page you will be shown the bank account details of NairaEx to send Naira to. Your bitcoin will be sent to your bitcoin wallet once your Naira deposit has been confirmed.

Across the world, an increasing number of people have been considering and using cryptocurrency for exchange, payment, transfer, and so on. The cryptocurrency market is boundless with a lot of possibilities. The introduction of cryptocurrency globally is an exciting transition into a great future where payments and money management will be faster, safer, easier, and cheaper. Towards the attainment of this great future, FXBarter has created the FXBarter coin (FXBC). FXBarter is a P2P platform designed for fiat currency exchange, allowing individuals to exchange restricted or non-deliverable local fiat currencies for major foreign fiat currencies without cross-border transfer of the currencies and the associated high cost. In extension of the benefits of the FXBarter platform, FXBC has been created for non-deliverable fiat currencies so that people can now easily acquire and hold FXBC using local fiat currencies.

FXBC can then be converted to major foreign fiat currencies (such as EUR, GBP, USD etc.) as well as used to perform electronic transfers or cash withdrawals from any part of the world. With the introduction of FXBC, FXBarter is offering transparency and convenience as well as the opportunity for the use of cryptocurrency to become a steady part of everyday life. This is especially impactful in sub-Saharan Africa and southern Asia with vibrant young populations, large diaspora populations as well as the worlds largest contributors of new internet service and financial services consumers now and in the coming years.

In this whitepaper, you will become familiar with the components and use cases of the FXBarter platform and FXBC. 500 billion, is still plagued with critical bottlenecks such as high fees, insufficient transparency, and increase in settlement time, which threatens to make it more difficult for many to send and receive money. Banks are responsible for major remittances in the world, but there are three dominant operators in the non-bank sector: MoneyGram, Ria and Western Union. Combined, they operate about 1.1 million retail locations in 200 countries. However there are other players in the industry like: Currencyfair, xe, world remit, transferwise etc. FXBarter plans to decentralize remittance processes by offering the cheapest fees, transparency and instant access.

Transferring money across international borders is still expensive, time-consuming and even dangerous. Specifically, existing money transfer systems available in emerging markets suffer from high transaction costs, long delays, counterparty risks and 20th century bureaucracy. An estimated two billion people in these markets are underbanked with limited or no access to financial services. Providing relevant products to this population is a key step towards reducing poverty and establishing sustainable, wealth-creating local economies. In Africa there exist a number of exchanges and start-ups in the crypto space, and a few are leveraging cryptocurrency usage for cross-border trade and payments. The activities suggest good timing for serious players to come in, while the infrastructure for local take-off of digital assets is solid and robust.

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