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Buying bitcoins in Nigeria is a tough process. Buying bitcoins with credit/debit cards is frustratingly tough. However, due to the human nature of continually searching for solutions to any and all problems, a number of companies have developed ways to make Bitcoin buying with credit/debit an easy and instant process. Indeed they have simplified buying of bitcoins to a point of unimaginable ease.tiny.cc Enough rambling though, let’s see some of the places to buy bitcoins with credit/debit cards in Nigeria. This is reputed as the world’s largest Bitcoin broker. 150 worth of Bitcoin instantly with credit/debit cards on Coinbase. A flat rate of 3.99% percent is charged on all BITCOIN purchases with credit/debit cards on coinbase.

To buy Bitcoins on coinbase with credit/debit cards, create an account on the website. Connect your credit card to your coinbase profile by entering your Credit/Debit card information. Verify your ID and make purchases as you want with your card. Coinbase is easy to use, has averagely fast services, a dependable reputation and has really high trade limits. Bitpanda is a Bitcoin broker located in Austria. You can purchase bitcoins easily with your credit/debit card on Bitpanda with a 3%-4% fee charged on all transactions. The fees are not displayed in public view though. Rather they are incorporated into the prices.

It does have one of the lowest fees for buying bitcoin with credit/debit cards in the world. Bitpanda is easy to use, has a fast service, a dependable reputation, and high trading limits. CoinMama is also a Bitcoin broker that specializes in the use of credit/debit cards to buy bitcoins in Nigeria. 5000 per day. It also charges a high fee, 6% due to the risks involved in processing credit card payments. After verifying your accounts and making a purchase, your Bitcoin arrives in your bitcoin wallet in a matter of minutes. CoinMama is quite easy to use, has a fast service and offers high buying limits. Its reputation is not as strong as those of the above two though. This is one of the oldest Bitcoin exchanges in the world. It offers Bitcoin buying with credit/debit cards.

They have an extensive (and quite frustrating) verification process which can take up to half an hour to complete. They charge one of the lowest trading fees at 0.2% . However they have a very solid reputation and are recommended (if you have the patience to go through the verification process). Bitstamp is a reputable bitcoin brokerage that allows the use of credit/debit cards to purchase bitcoins. They charge a fee of 5%-8% on transactions. The fee reduces as the amount bought increases. BitStamp has a worldwide service. They have a transaction limit of €5000 and a quite efficient service. Think you know more? Then drop yours in the comment box below.

You can be making as much as ₦105,000 monthly from this business. You only require your smartphone with internet access and a some capital. I will be revealing to you how to be successful in this business and the secret/hacks involve in the business in a manual specially packaged for it. I have been in this business, I started as a reseller before learning the secret. As a reseller, I was also helping other people to join the business because it is profitable as well. You can see my first article about “starting gift card reselling business” here. Redeeming gift card is the highest level of this business, tinyurl.com that's why I want to reveal to all those that are interested in getting the manual how to be successful and financially independent via the business. How to redeem various gift cards.

Gift cards with highest resale value. How to securely check the balance of various gift cards without redeeming them. Where to exchange one gift card for another gift card. Communities where you can buy gift cards cheaply. Wheret exchange gift cards for Bitcoin. How to open Nigeria paypal account. How to open US paypal account and US checkers Bank account (here in Nigeria free) and link the two. How to add gift card balance to your paypal account. How to withdraw money from your US paypal account.. After going through the manual, you will be all set for a whole new level of gift card business. Also after going through the material, you can always reach me for any further assistance. The manual cost ₦3,000 only.

Let me keep it simple, I find LUNO(formally BitX) bitcoin wallet as my favorite wallet for my withdrawal because it is safe and is directly connected to my Nigerian bank. Also all bitcoin is shown in naira equivalence instead of the normal USD others have. Also you can deposit money from the same bank or any bank account using your ATM card to LUNO wallet instantly on there website. When registering on LUNO, ensure that you use your real name as it appears on the bank account you with to link to LUNO. To withdraw Bitcoin into you bank account, go to the home screen, click on “More” under you BTC balance. You will see options. Click on “Instant Sell”. Enter the amount you want to sell in Naira or in BTC, confirm the amount and proceed. The money will instantly be in your Naira- NGN wallet on LUNO.

Go to menu, click on wallets to see your NGN wallet. On the NGN wallet, click on “ Withdraw ” to transfer the money into your local bank account. Enter amount you wish to withdraw and proceed. Also to fund you account, on the NGN wallet, click on “Fund”, then click on PayU and TINYURL.COM proceed to deposit with your ATM card. To deposit or withdraw from LUNO, you must first verify your LUNO Account using anyone of these: National ID card, Voters card, Driving license or International passport. If you try depositing money on LUNO without first verifying your account, your money might never reflect on your LUNO Wallet.

Related Article: How to deposit money from bank account direct to your Nigerian PayPal account. LUNO is 100% safe and registered with Nigeria financial institutions. They have accounts with several banks, and they are multinational financial company. They have there application on Play Store and Apple Store, but I prefers the Website version because of its features and easier navigation. It is free to Sign Up and Get LUNO Wallet Account. 1. Fund your wallet direct from your bank account. 2. Withdraw into your back account. 5. Transfer Bitcoin to another wallet address free. All withdrawals on LUNO attract a processing fee of ₦200aira only. Maximum withdrawal/ deposit on LUNO is N200,000 (all time), for first level verified users, for second level verified users, the maximum is N500,000 monthly. If you experience any difficulty during registration or verification, feel free to contact me for free assistance. Note: I do not work with LUNO neither did I received money from them to promote their business. I am doing this to help people fund the Bitcoin wallet easily without spending on exchangers and also not to fall victims to fraudsters. I have been using LUNO for a very long time and they are reliable.

Youths in Nigeria are faced with several problems and one of them is unemployment. The United Nations announced that Nigeria has overtaken India as the poverty capital of the world. Which means that an estimated 90 million people are living in abject poverty. This has a serious implication for the youths as it means that getting a job in the current economic climate is very hard. According to statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics, about 21 million youths are currently unemployed and Glinda Loder it does not take into account the number of students in University who might graduate anytime soon and join the labour market. As bleak as the future looks for most youths in Nigeria, all hope is not lost as there is a way out of this vicious cycle and it’s entrepreneurship or self-employment.

Been self-employed in Nigeria is one-way to beat this ugly trend of unemployment. One might wonder with the state of things how possible is it to be an entrepreneur in Nigeria? Which seems next to impossible. In truth, the infrastructure in the country does not encourage entrepreneurship as you’ll need to have a huge capital to set up a small business. Another problem is inflation as the cost of goods and services in the country has risen significantly, which makes things harder for the upcoming entrepreneur. What about other facilities like good roads and stable electricity? ’re literally non-existent as these infrastructures are in a severe state of decay.

As disheartening as the situation may look, you can still be an entrepreneur in Nigeria with little or no capital. Everything you need to start up is most likely in your hands already or is within reach. Without having to resort to cybercrime, making money online legitimately is what most Nigerian youths are doing these days. Thanks to the advent of digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, and the likes, [August 2019] - What Is Bitcoin In Nigeria most youths engage in trading Bitcoin crypto or selling gift cards. What they simply do is that they buy it at these digital assets at a lower rate and they resell at a higher rate to thousands of customers who are eagerly waiting to buy from them. And all they need to start up is a smartphone, tablet or laptop, and a stable internet connection.

This may sound too good to be true, but for those who haven’t joined the trend, its obvious they’ve missed a lot. Several Nigerian students in universities who need extra cash have taken advantage of this, as some people now take it as their full-time job and they’re earning income in this harsh economy. For those wondering how to start, it’s quite easy, TINYURL.COM all you have to do is sign up with CoinCola. Coincola is the best OTC bitcoin trading platform in the entire country. They’ve made it easy to trade bitcoin and gift cards in Nigeria. There are no hidden charges with Coincola as their primary aim is for those trading on their platform to make a profit. Their user interface is also simple to use even for newbies and it’s supported on several platforms like desktop, Android or iOS which the app can downloaded from their respective stores. For inquiries or assistance, Coincola has a customer care service that responds to user queries or complaints 24/7, why not give Coincola a try today?

I want to apologize upfront for the possible perceived severe tone of today’s post. It is a reflection of the pain I feel when people bandy incomplete information and present them in ways that help put money in their own pockets. I get too many adverts and spammy messages on joining the bitcoin investment train and I have decided to speak up. My practical experience with bitcoins date as far back as 2014. I even made posts on it before. I have used it to buy stuffs online and even pay for one of the installments of my MBA school fee.

You can read my June 2016 article on My Experience Using Bitcoin and my March 2014 article on I’ve Joined The Bitcoin Revolution (where I got an unfair jab in the comment section). I use it when my Nigerian Mastercards are rejected and bitcoins are accepted. Number 1: Bitcoin is not an investment. It is purely currency speculation. Bitcoin is a currency. I have seen it go up and down, and even been caught in the middle of its volatility a couple of times. The reason it has been rising lately is because of ransomware. The cyberattacks that lock you out of your PC (work or personal) and demand payment in form of bitcoins.

When you buy bitcoin, it involves a bitcoin exchange. You don’t get the bitcoin physically shipped to you. They have vaults, digital vaults, and sometimes digital custodians of the bitcoins. So the same way that a bank can get robbed, those vaults too get robbed. But the worse thing is that the vaults are usually concentrated so it’s like all the branches of a bank getting robbed at once. The damage is usually massive and often leads to the exchange closing down with people’s money irretrievably wiped out. There is no NDIC guaranteeing you some of your money nor even a physical office to complain to. Like smoke all is gone. The money you worked for and the promise of high returns. History has consistently shown that those who have a weakness for being herd around get fleeced. Even if it were a sound investment, the fact that it has gotten to fever level here in Nigeria means you are more likely going to get fleeced. If you still want to go ahead. Well, I am not going to wish you any good luck.

NEW YORK, Dec 18 (Reuters) - Wall Street and other major world stock markets hit fresh highs on Monday as U.S. Republican lawmakers moved closer to passing tax-cut legislation, while the dollar slid on skepticism about the bill's impact on economic growth. Congress was expected to vote as early as Tuesday on the bill, which would become the biggest U.S. President Donald Trump is aiming to sign the plan into law at the end of the week. The plan would lower the corporate income tax rate to 21 percent from 35 percent, which analysts say would likely increase profits, buybacks and dividend payouts.

Wall Street's leading stock indexes closed at all-time highs ahead of a potential vote. The benchmark MSCI World index, which tracks stocks around the globe, gained 0.91 percent to a new high. The pan-European FTSEurofirst 300 index rose 1.18 percent. A potential flurry of mergers and acquisitions, seen as another byproduct of the tax plan, also pushed stocks higher, analysts said. Meanwhile, the dollar index fell 0.24 percent after inching up following the tax plan's latest advancement late last week. U.S. currency traders began to doubt how impactful the pro-growth bill could be and grew skeptical about whether it would create enough growth to accelerate interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve.

The market currently sees two more rate increases in the coming year while the U.S. Omer Esiner, chief market analyst at Commonwealth FX in Washington. The greenback's weakening propelled gold higher as the dollar-denominated bullion became cheaper for buyers using other currencies. 1,261.50 an ounce. U.S. The margin between U.S. Treasury yields widened on Monday from its slimmest in a decade as traders booked profits on curve-flattening positions tied to the view the Fed would raise rates further. Oil prices rose amid an ongoing North Sea pipeline outage and as a strike by Nigerian oil workers threatened the country's crude exports. Despite the respite for oil prices, growth in U.S. 57.16 a barrel, down 14 cents or 0.24 percent. 63.41, up 18 cents or 0.28 percent. 19,666 over the weekend, ahead of CME Group Inc's launch of bitcoin futures on Sunday.

How To Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tinyurl Litecoin in Nigeria. You’ve probably heard about cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero etc, as well as the recent price surge of bitcoin; Maybe even read about bitcoin millionaires and you are thinking to yourself “dollars and pounds fit me die oh”. Now you are asking yourself where to even begin because it all just seems cryptic. Well, you see …I was once in your shoes but look at me now. I’m no expert but through research, trials, errors(loss dey inside sef but we move) and Glinda Loder more research, I have come to gain some form of understanding and will attempt to help your first steps into the cryptocurrency space.

The very first thing to do is download the Luno bitcoin wallet from the Appstore(iOS) or Google play(Android) and sign up. After you confirm your email address and fill in the necessary details on the app, you will be welcomed by the screen below. Level 1 is just right for most of us that don’t have a lot of spare change to invest because like waffi people would say “at all at all naim be winch”. Otherwise, upgrading to level 2 (allows for a maximum deposit and withdrawal limit of NGN 500,000 monthly respectively), which requires uploading a valid form of identity — preferably a driver’s license or international passport, is ideal. STEP 2: Funding Your Naira Wallet in The Luno App. In the above image, select Deposit, you will be taken to the next screen as shown below.

Select Debit or credit card with PayU. If you use an android phone then press the vertical ellipses above More in your home screen, select Deposit and you will be taken to the DEPOSIT METHOD screen. Select Debit or credit card with PayU. Next, enter the amount you’d like to deposit to your Luno naira wallet and press “Next”to proceed. You will be taken to the Deposit via PayU screen where the amount you previously entered is displayed with the corresponding fee. If you’re satisfied then press Continue to PayU — otherwise go back,make changes and Tinyurl then repeat the steps up to this point.

Press the radio button to select card payment, then enter your card details. You’ll be taken to a secure page to confirm the payment either through soft token or hard token 3D secure payment process. Once payment is confirmed, TINYURL.COM give it a few mins(usually not more than 5 mins) to reflect. STEP 3: Buying Bitcoin or Ethereum.bit.ly After a successful transaction, go to the home screen and select Buy. Select NGN under bitcoin(BTC) or ethereum(ETH), depending on which one you want to buy. I’ll be using BTC to illustrate but the same steps apply when you want to purchase ETH.

When you select the currency symbol, a mini drop-down menu is unveiled. As a newbie, just choose NGN and proceed (hint: the orange button with the arrow pointing to the right). However, if you are not in a hurry like me then you may prefer the second method I’m about to show you. Go to the home screen on Luno App, press the burger icon (☰)on the left,when the menu slides out, select Exchange and you will be taken to the screen below. NOTE: If you have activated the ETH wallet in the Luno app, and prefer to purchase ETH then press the globe symbol to the right and pick ETH/BTC.

After you have chosen the BTC/NGN exchange and pressed the orange button on the bottom right of the app, you’ll see the screen below. I have already pre-filled it and will explain what each field means. Amount to buy(BTC) is the amount of BTC you want to purchase with some parts of your money. It is also the amount of BTC the money in your wallet can afford to buy if you use the current rate on the app. Price per Bitcoin(NGN) is the price you want to pay for 1 BTC, usually the current rate on the app or lower.

Bid is the current price that can be used to place a buy order but you can bid below it. Ask is the current price that can be used to place a sell order, which you can always bid above. Required Funds is the amount in naira required to execute the transaction after a buy order has been placed. It is also the amount of BTC or ETH you have in your wallet when you want to place a sell order. Available Balance is the amount of Naira, ETH or BTC you have in their corresponding wallets whenever you want to place a buy order for BTC/ETH or TINYURL.COM a sell order for Naira.

When you are done with the input fields on the buy order form, press the orange button to proceed. You will be prompted to enter your 4 digit PIN to authorise the buy order. Note: a small fee will be deducted in bitcoins when the transaction is successful. Wait for the buy order to be filled and the BTC you have purchased to reflect in your wallet (usually takes between 1-5 mins tops). STEP 4: Download and Set Up Coinomi Wallet. Go to playstore and download the coinomi wallet. Launch the app, and you will be given a recovery phrase. Please write this down with a pen/paper and store it in a safe place where no one but you can have access to it. You will be prompted to create a password, please do so and ensure it is strong and something you can remember.

Next screen will be the same as the screen shot below, showing a list of Altcoins(any cryptocurrency that is not Bitcoin) — choose bitcoin, then scroll until you find ethereum and litecoin. When you are all done, go to the home screen on the coinomi app, press the burger icon (☰) and this is what you’ll see. STEP 5: Sending BTC from Luno to Coinomi wallet. Go to the Luno app home screen, Tinyurl.com top left you’ll see the burger icon (☰), press it. When the menu slides out, Glinda Loder press wallets and you will be taken to your BTC and NGN wallets respectively.

Choose the btc wallet card and it will take you to the next screen. You’ll see buy bitcoin, send bitcoin, sell bitcoin and receive bitcoin; select send bitcoin and the you’ll be taken to the screen below. Now, switch apps on your phone and go to the coinomi wallet. Press the ☰ icon and choose the bitcoin wallet in coinomi. On the next page as shown below, press the tab that says receive. Then tap the paper symbol at the top right of the screen to copy the bitcoin address to clipboard. Next, go to Luno app — open wallets and select bitcoin wallet, then send bitcoin.

On the input field, paste the BTC address you had initially copied on coinomi. You’ll be asked to authorise the transaction with a your 4-digit PIN. Enter the PIN and the bitcoins will be sent from your Luno bitcoin address to your coinomi bitcoin address. Give it some time to confirm on the blockchain, refresh the coinomi app and the balance will reflect and show the bitcoins. STEP 6: Buying Litecoin with Bitcoin or Ethereum. As mentioned earlier, I’ll be using BTC to demonstrate but the same steps apply if you want to exchange ETH for LTC or any other altcoin.

Sidebar: Don’t send ethereum, Litecoin or any other cryptocurrency to a bitcoin address and Tinyurl.com vice versa. Again, press the ☰ icon in the coinomi app and select either shapeshift or changelly to exchange your Bitcoin for Litecoin. Sidebar: In my experience, Changelly’s rates are cheaper compared to Shapeshift’s. But go ahead to compare prices on both exchanges to see which is fairly cheaper and use that one. As shown, exchange should be bitcoin and when you press receive, a drop down menu will be seen, scroll until you see Litecoin. Depending on the queue in the exchange, it usually takes less than 10 mins for the transaction to go through. If it takes longer, please don’t panic just be patient. If cryptocurrencies and the blockchain is something that interests you, there’s so much free stuff to help you understand and broaden your knowledge of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. Join cryptocurrency subreddits, bitcointalk, read articles and feel free to ask me questions here.

Re: What are the benefits of bitcoin to my country (Nigeria) economy? It also creates easier international trade and another thing is that it gives you individual ownership, you dont need the bank to be doing everything for you, you now do everything without the help of banks or any financial institutions. Lastly, Security is another good side of cryptocurrency, they are very secured, though some people will argue about this that banks are more safe, but cryptos are the best in security. When a Nigerian needs all these benefits then he needs to adopt bitcoins and this way bitcoin can help any country. Because, only the individuals build a nation and its economy. When bitcoin is useful at the most least element then why not at a whole level?

What is Billion Coin: The Billion Coin (TBC) is a decentralized cryptocurrency like bitcoin but it operates in its own structure and formula which depends on the total growth of The Billion Coin community. The SCAM (Like Bitcoin). The word (LIKE) is the Billion Coins Official Scam Word. How can you be like bitcoins when the growth of the coin is community-based with centralized administrators. This violates the original Bitcoins Whitepaper and idea of a decentralized monetary system. Digital signatures provide part of the solution, but the main benefits are lost if a trusted third party is still required to prevent double-spending. We propose a solution to the double-spending problem using a peer-to-peer network. The network timestamps transactions by hashing them into an ongoing chain of hash-based proof-of-work, forming a record that cannot be changed without redoing the proof-of-work.

The longest chain not only serves as proof of the sequence of events witnessed but proof that it came from the largest pool of CPU power. As long as a majority of CPU power is controlled by nodes that are not cooperating to attack the network, they’ll generate the longest chain and outpace attackers. The network itself requires minimal structure. 1.tiny.cc TBC has no digital Signatures. Have you ever been to the bank and you are told because you asked too many questions your account has been frozen? Have you ever asked how even the banking system work in Nigeria?

2. TBC has no has no (Chain Proof of Work). According to Satoshi (The network timestamps transactions by hashing them into an ongoing chain of hash-based proof-of-work, forming a record that cannot be changed without redoing the proof-of-work. TBC, the fraudulent company operates everything, they are the first, second and third party lol. All they ask for is your money and they ask you to keep fake coins that cannot be interchangeable with any cryptocurrency in the world but they use the scam word (LIKE BITCOINS) to steal from poor Nigerians. They have no idea what TBC is and are not interested. Haven’t you noticed TBC is well promoted in 3rd world countries because this is where you can find people with no technical or financial experience and it is easy to deceive members of the general public especially in Nigeria?

TBC The billion coin is not part of the Famous Bitcoin-Blockchain projects neither is it an AltCoin on the Blockchain. 3. TBC has no Real Nodes it’s all fabricated. According to Satoshi ( As long as a majority of CPU power is controlled by nodes that are not cooperating to attack the network, they’ll generate the longest chain and outpace attackers). TBC will only tell you we are trying to end poverty and our Coin is Community based what a JOKE. But this Joke has managed to raise Billions of Naira from the hands of gullible poor Nigerians who are very poor and are desperate to make it in life.

According to World Poverty Report. Nigeria is now the poorest nation in the world with over 87million poor people. Ponzi Schemes like TBC are part of Nigerians problem collecting money from poor Nigerians in exchange for a better life and poverty elevation. TBC Scam swift Operates manually. They are in control they send the money to your bank account (Thieves) They are in no way in partnership with the real SWIFT Company. When you open the website the first information that Pops up on your screen is a multi-level Ponzi payment system, (Another SCAM). You have to subscribe (Paid Plan) in order for you to cash out your billion Coins in Naira. Kindly Note: This system is supposed to end poverty in Nigeria and 3rd world countries.

Not reduce but (END)- Another Scam. This is where the Scam happens. No What is The Billion Coins TBC: is a decentralized cryptocurrency (LIKE BITCOINS) but it operates in (its own structure and [August 2019] - What Is Bitcoin In Nigeria formula) which depends on the total growth of The Billion Coin community.bet9ja.com — Scam there is only Bitcoins. Operates in (Its own structure and Formula). Is like Saying Bitcoin operates like another Cryptocurrency. But you have to use that Cryptocurrency as a payment system. My fellow Nigerians Bitcoins is the real deal. The Billion Coin TBC are aware of this they want to rob you of your bitcoins accumulate it and sell it back to you as a solution to the Africans problem.tiny.cc They want to hold a large portion of Bitcoins so that when the price skyrockets they will be able to pay you without fear (MONEY DOUBLERS).

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