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external frame Likely inspired by watching squirrels go to extraordinary lengths to feast on food offerings intended for birds, some folks decided to craft some rather elaborate obstacle courses that those generously-tailed animals would have to run if they wanted a meal. What results is an impressive and amusing reminder of the acrobatic prowess of squirrels. The theme from Mission: Impossible is used in several of the videos below, and it's no wonder why. In addition to some slick climbing maneuvers and daring leaps, these squirrels display quite remarkable problem-solving skills – particularly considering that they aren't likely to encounter anything like these obstacle courses in nature.

Here, a crafty grey squirrel overcomes a series of elaborate hurdles, including spinning platforms, a tightrope walk, and a mini-bobsled tunnel.(Image: http://vegas.bouncinbins.com/media/catalog/product/cache/4/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/2/4/24_-wave-dual-style2.jpg) The look of adorable determination on the squirrel's face is clearly visible as it sizes up each new challenge. In this clip, another squirrel seems to tackle these harrowing rope bridges with the greatest of ease, all while dangling upside-down like pro. Add in one last great leap at the end, and this fluffy athlete certainly earns its nutty prize. While this set-up probably wasn't designed as an obstacle course per se, but instead as an unconquerable deterrent, at least one persistant squirrel proved up for the challenge. The bird-feeder defenses proved no match for this skilled problem-solver.

Children's Obstacle Courses - Bounce houses shaped like obstacle courses are great for those that want to experience a little bit more than just bouncing around. They are great when it comes to making fun games to participate in whilst on the inflatable Bounce house. Basketball Court - What better way to score a slam dunk, than when you are able to leap 6 feet into the air thanks to the inflatable Bounce castle that you are on. An inflatable Bounce castle, come basketball court, is the perfect solution for many youngsters who enjoy both activities. Bungee Run - Experience running whilst attached to a stretchy rope that can only be stretched so much! This is fun for those that are really competitive and think that they have the strength to go the distance.

The kids are bound to get worked up on this! Gladiator Joust - This is for those that want to combine a good old fashioned wrestle with a jump around inside an inflatable Bounce house. You can take your place on the stand, and see who is able to stand up, without falling off, the longest! Slide - For those that would rather jump down a Bounce house which is at a gradient, you should consider a Bounce house slide. They come in a variety of heights and gradients so you can be sure to find the one that you are looking for. Character - If you have a character/theme that you child particularly likes, then why not get a Bounce house specific to that? An example is that you can get princess and clown castles, so make your pick and see if it is available.

Kid's Birthday Parties - What better way to celebrate a kid's birthday than with a Bounce castle for them to enjoy. Not only will it keep the children and their guests entertained, you will also have to worry less about what they are up to since they will all be in one place. Theme Parks and Carnivals - If you are organizing a special day for a large crowd then a Bounce house can really steal the show. Not only does it provide an outlet for younger children to enjoy themselves, it also adds to the atmosphere of the park tremendously. Whatever occasion you wish to use a Bounce house for, ensure that you know exactly what you are getting. If you are wanting to merely get the house without any service attached, then be aware that you may have problems getting it up and getting it down.

Aerostar products fall generally within two categories: Aerospace/Aviation and Highly Technical Sewn and or Sealed Products. Aerostar aerospace products range from our military and science parachutes, high altitude scientific and military balloons and airships, space inflatables, and interplanetary balloons. Tethered Aerostats, Military NBC barrier protection to survival suits, inflatable military decoys, custom cold air inflatables, helium R/C (remote control) blimps, tethered helium inflatables, parade balloons and government or military uniforms. It is our commitment to the highest quality products and over fifty years of experience. Aerostar's roots are found in high altitude balloons. Scientists have used our high altitude free floating balloons to observe the atmosphere and explore the edge of space since 1956, when our parent company Raven Industries was founded. Precise design, proprietary film and sealing machines, technical manufacturing skills and reliability are the hall-mark of our Aerospace Products plant.

Envision a critical science payload floating truly at the edge of space nearly 30 miles above the earth's surface. Tethered Aerostats (or blimps) are a turn-key product line offering large aerostats with a mooring trailer, winch and tether for an all-in-one aerostat solution. This large aerostat product line is an outgrowth of our more than thirty years of experience building blimps and airships. Payloads for communication, intelligence gathering, surveillance or reconnaissance can be flown on a tethered aerostat. Besides offering the turn-key aerostat systems we also offer a complete line of standard size blimps or aerostats and can create a custom size to suit your needs. Custom Inflatables are the best way to get your product, company or sports teams noticed. A cold air inflatable is the easiest to use and to make lasting impressions and create brand identification with your target market.

You can add in movement, smell, sound and other special effects to make your cold air inflatable absolutely unforgettable. Tethered Helium Inflatables are a great way to get noticed above the heads of the crowds. The durability and reusability of our helium inflatables is renowned worldwide. The helium retention of our balloons is phenomenal; many of our customers say there is no comparison! As a domestic manufacturer of Protective Wear, we produce high quality, high tech military fuel handlers coveralls and Survival-One anti-exposure survival suits. We are a GSA contractor for FSC 84-Special Purpose Clothing. Military products include our inflatable military decoys and training devices, various high altitude balloons and airships as well as our parachute line. We are a contract holder for various types of parachutes manufactured for the government as well as other types of parachutes.

We have a big selection of carnival games and activities for school carnivals, fall festivals and carnival themed events. We rent carnival tents, carnival rides, carnival games and interactive inflatable games perfect for high volume carnival parties. School carnivals are for fundraising and we can help you generate more money by providing great activities designed for big crowds and boost attendance at you're event. Our professional event planners will help you design a carnival to fit your budget and age group. Don't be fooled by companies offering bounce houses and small slides as a carnival package because they are not the correct money making games for a school carnival. You need high volume games and activities to boost attendance and hiring Arizona Bounce Around to provide the entertainment will make a big difference in your revenue and attendance. Choosing the right party rental company for your school carnival will make a huge difference in the results and we have years of experience with small and high volume carnivals to make it as stress free as possible. We have a huge selection including photo booths, carnival fun food and complete staffing available. We look forward to working with you so call, click or come by to get things started.

Airquee manufactures and sells fantastic inflatable slides for sale and inflatable water slides for sale for customers all over the world in varying sizes, themes and shapes. From the smallest inflatable garden slides and water slides to the largest of giant inflatable slides and drop slides, Airquee has something in its range for everyone. Our most common inflatable slides are the 10 foot platform and the large event slides, however we can custom make bespoke slides for any function. Airquee slides are the most vivid, imaginative, creative, animated and fun slides on the inflatable slides market. They are extremely well priced and compete strongly against any other producer in the world. In recent years, inflatable water slides like city slides and slides in the city products have become very popular and Airquee is a supplier to some of the biggest and most prestigious events in Europe. Inflatable water slides can be made to sit on a hill and use gravity to propel the participant, or we can make normal slides with water feeding accessories and pools at the bottom.

We also offer a huge selection of bounce house rentals and jumper rentals that will be the perfect compliment to any party theme you can think of. Some of our jumpers include; our Princess Castle, Medieval Castle, Space Jumper rental, Western Bouncer, Lion Jungle, Dinosaurs, Clown and many more! The fun is endless with an inflatable bouncer rental and nobody can match our cheap jumper rental prices. Aside from bounce house rentals we also offer a complete line of interactive games for everyone; Sumo Suits, Inflatable Boxing Rings, Velcro Wall, Bungee Run, Jousting, Water tag and Twister, just to name a few. Your friends and family can battle each other with these fun games that will keep the party going for hours and hours. You’ll have to start kicking people out because nobody will want to leave! Explore Bounce Houses of Orange County!

Our company has been providing the greater Orange County area with best in Bounce House rentals for since we began. Here you'll find the most exciting bouncers around! Combo Bouncers offer the best in inflatable excitement. They get their name from the fact that they combine the popular bounce house feature with one or more exciting elements. Inflatable Water Slide rentals are incredible attractions when used as the centerpiece of your event. Just the size alone will attract your guests. Get hours of excitement here! Dry Slide rentals are the perfect choice for when water use is not appropriate. These giant slides are every bit as exciting and fun as their water cousins. Get your crew together, it's time to take the obstacle course challenge.(Image: http://vegas.bouncinbins.com/media/catalog/product/cache/4/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/6/5/65obstacle-new_5.jpg) These awesome challenge courses offer players a chance to test their skills against multiple obstacles.

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