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external frame Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. The odd of this special football betting code is 600 odds. Scroll down to get it, thanks.tinyurl.com Scroll down below or visit our UK football pools banker pairs page, thanks! Invest N500 on this Bet9ja game for this weekend, and remember to send me my share of your winning. Gambling or betting involves high psychological and financial risks. The visitor is warned to act exclusively at his or her own discretion and risk. I am not a member of the Cardiff board that decides on the number of draws that will be played in each coupon week. I do not also decide or claim to know the specific teams that have been fixed to play draws this week. Everything I do here online is an avenue to share my forecast draws with you. So, put that in mind.

Highest Bet9ja Payout covers all the major sporting events across the world, offering great odds and bet combinations. Highest Bet9ja Payout also offers an array of casino and virtual gaming products, with shop operations making it the largest bookmaker in Nigeria. Highest Bet9ja Payout works with the best operators in the world to guarantee the best betting conditions. Highest Bet9ja Payout sets the standard for online, mobile and retail excellence in Nigeria. Founded in 2002, Income Access is a technology company, affiliate network and digital marketing agency servicing the global gaming market, including regulated iGaming, social gaming, land-based casinos and online financial trading (forex, binary options). Through its award-winning marketing software and a partnership-centric approach, Income Access delivers comprehensive data and strategic insight on marketing campaigns across all digital and offline channels.

In September 2016, Income Access was acquired by Paysafe Group, the company behind the digital wallet brands NETELLER and Skrill. Income Access is partnered with over 300 gaming brands worldwide. These include: Betfred, Gala Interactive, Coral, Sportingbet, Sky Betting & Gaming, PMU, Jackpotjoy, Stan James, Bet Victor, TwinSpires, Caesars Interactive, PKR and Pinnacle. Paysafe provides digital payments and transaction-related solutions to businesses and consumers around the world. Paysafe is redefining payments by enabling fast, convenient and secure ways to pay before, pay now and pay later through its payment processing, digital wallets, prepaid solutions and card issuing, and acquiring products and services. We believe that every point of every payment should be relevant, simple and secure. With two decades of experience, Paysafe is trusted by businesses and consumers to move and manage money through more than 100 payment types and 40 currencies. Paysafe offers multi-platform products with an emphasis on emerging payment technologies including mobile. Paysafe’s brand portfolio includes NETELLER® and Skrill®, MeritCard, paysafecard®, payolution®, Income Access and FANS Entertainment. Paysafe Group plc shares trade on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol (PAYS.L).

In March 2013 I was granted permission to extend the fast growing brand of sports betting, Bet9ja to Oyo state and environs. At that time, KC Gaming Networks, the company behind Bet9ja had in less than 6 months managed to pull off what none of the incubent sports betting companies had been able to do. They were able to create a platform for the masses. I setup Highest Bet9ja Payout’s first shop in Ibadan, then situated at Ekotedo in Dugbe. From those humble beginnings I have directly and indirectly, within and outside Oyo helped establish over 3 dozen agent shops. When Do Bet9ja Pay I started, there was no how-to manual, no numbers, no guide on how to run a profitable sports betting shop, so if you expect to hear that my first shop turned a billion Naira, I’m sorry, it flopped! …and I learnt the lessons the hard way.

I have however shared freely the nuggets from my experience with every prospective agent I have come across, and active agents who are currently finding it difficult to break even. My agents i.e agents under my management, benefit from my stash of on-the-street experience and this has led to better performances. N.B: This guide applies only to agents of sports betting companies that pay commissions based on sales and not profit, or a combination of both. I particularly think paying commissions on NET profit i.e what is left from sales after winnings are paid, is like a food seller that sells you food and gives you a bowl of potent laxatives to “wash it down”.

1. How much will it cost me to set up? 2. How much will it cost me to run the business and how do I manage these costs.? 3. How much will I make as commission?tinyurl.com 4. How much will I keep as profit? 5. When Do Bet9ja Pay do I break even? 1. How much will it cost me to set up? Before you ask yourself this question, you need to understand your environment; the potential number of customers, the level of awareness and the disposable income. An agent in Molete in Ibadan will only put himself under undue pressure by building his shop out like one he saw in FESTAC in Lagos. The potential numbers are more, awareness higher and disposable income larger in the latter than the former. Also, as a cautionary note, ensure you have a secondary source of income.

This is so you can fund the day to day expenses of the business for the months prior to the break-even month. 1. A shop. Take the next few lines as gospel. 1. Rent a shop ONLY because it is rightly located. This will mean it is in a densely residential area. A mix of 70 residential/30 commercial is just fine. 2. Be VERY wary of rent. In big cities like Lagos 100K to 150K p.a is good enough, while in areas such as Ibadan, Ado, Ogbomosho, Kubwa, 40 to 80K p.a is just right. Let the “resident” customer density guide your assessment of rent, and not the “passing” customers i.e a major highway junction will not be as lucrative as a minor “agboo-ile” junction. 3. The shop SHOULD be sizable.

A 10ft by 12ft will be too small. Try to go for a 12ft by 15ft or larger. The bigger, the better as your customers will be comfortable while they wait their turns. 4. If you decide to use an existing business’ shop, ensure the items on sale are not “handy”. I once had an agent who sold shoes and wanted to combine the business of sports betting. He lost 13 shoes (note not pairs i.e different legs) in his first week. 1. Thermal receipt printers. New POS-58 or POS-80 units come with a roll of paper. 3. An account on their platform. I’ve been informed some (new) companies will give you these items for free. Conservatively, you will require between 250, 000 to 400, 000 to setup, depending on your location. To summarize this section, I strongly suggest that you prepare to setup at least 2 shops in order to benefit from economies of scale. This is where I put a halt to it for now. This post will be concluded before the week rolls by - remember I’m supposed to be on holiday.

Finding a bet with value is one of the best ways to actually make it. To do this, you need to cast aside that fact that you are a fan and actually think with your head. This article is meant to provide great winning tips on how to win a bet and what losers do that make them lose all their money and run into debts. Read to the end, you betting life will benefit from it. Don’t borrow money to bet: this one is pretty straightforward. Better still, use the money you won to bet. Avoid virtual market: this games can easily be rigged by the bookmakers. Don’t even try it unless you are doing it for fun. I must admit though that sometimes, the bookmakers give almost identical odds to the same two teams and thereby leaving you as the bettor confused.

Bookmakers are not gods, they often miss that injury, they often bring down the odds close to the start of a match and knowing these will help your case. Try doing some brain exercise, consider two teams and try and formulate your own odds by yourself without looking what the bookies are giving. Always learn: Learn from your mistakes, learn from others, learn from the upsets like that of Derby beating Man Utd. Bet on the leagues you know: If you are a Serie A expert, stick with it. The fact that Serie A is on a break is not a good excuse to bet on Qatar league that you don’t know anything about other than the fact that Ahmed Musa plays there.

Bet on only the betting markets you know: 1×2, Asian market etc. Don’t go about betting on corners kicks or who to score first if it’s not your specialist area. Keep a record of your bet: this helps you spot mistakes made or understand winning as well as losing trends. Manage your money well: If you work, don’t dip into your savings or school fees or medical fees into betting. Don’t borrow to bet. Rather, start small and gradually build your way to the top. Improve your betting performance and assessment of teams: Monitor the form of a team beyond their past league games. Are there any injuries?

Is there a fight in the squad like Conte’s last season at Chelsea? Who has a red card and won’t play? Are there a lot of games to be played within a short period? If a smaller team beats a big team in the Champions league, they most likely will lose or draw their next league fixture. I observed this with Barcelona a long time ago. I call it the Barcelona Curse, beat them in the champions league as a “small team”, you won’t win your next game. Another trend is When Do Bet9ja Pay a team plays a hard-fought victory in the weekend, they are usually fatigued during the next UCL game. Bet against the crowd: Your ability to identify potential away wins would help the dollar rain in your favour.

Most people usually only bet on the home team winning at ridiculous odds but away wins for the same match will be high. Follow betting experts: online betting tips and apps can help you to know trends on what you might be missing. But be careful of who to follow. Create lots of betting account: Having an account with nairabet, Highest Bet9ja Payout, merrybet PaddyPower and so on really helps you to always compare the best bet for every game. 1. Don’t be a typical bettor. A typical bettor is a guy who puts in 5k (at 1.5 odd) on a bet and wins.

He gets happy and put in 10k (at 1.5 odd) next and he wins. And then he throws in 20k (at 1.5 odd), and hey, dude is on a roll.tinyurl.com Next, he gathers 50k (at 2.1odd), puts it on a bet but unfortunately, he lost. So let’s do the math. Such a guy has won 7k5, 15k and 30k on the first, second and third bet respectively which amounts to 47.5k in winnings. This amount minus his original 5k investment; minus the 2k5 he added on his first winning to place the second bet; minus the 5k he added on his second winning to place the third bet.

Checking the winning percentage, the dude played four games and won three which means he has a 75% winning record but even with the higher winning record, he still lost more money. Advice, only bet with what you actually won. Don’t go about betting beyond your winnings. Bet with their money and not yours. If you follow the popular teams every day: bet on Sarri to continue the winning streak; bet on Juve to win the next 20 games, guess what? You might actually be right. However, the bigger question is what are the odds for those big teams. You can’t win in betting by following public perception.

And When Do Bet9ja Pay I say winning, I don’t mean winning the next 1.25 odds game, I mean actually making money in the long run. Even a child can bet on Juve tomorrow and win but does that make him a good bettor? Most people play it too safe, and that’s a poor way of thinking. If it is all easy, everybody will make it in life. In other cases, people follow the crowds. Everybody in the football house says United will win Frank Lampard’s Derby County but they end up playing a draw and you start to curse Mourinho. But Mou is not your problem, you are your problem the moment you begin to play it safe. Small teams will also draw big teams on lots of occasions.

3. Quality over quantity: You want to bet on 4 games in the champions league, 5 on Europa league including Arsenal to win. On Friday, you don’t want to miss out on that single Bundesliga match. And ohhh, on Saturday, you go guns blazing and try and figure out 15 games that will make you money and Sunday you continue the same circle. There is also that Monday night game in the EPL. This is exactly what losers do. The key lies in your focus. Stay on only a handful of games per week. Let’s say 5 or 6 games for the entire week especially those that have value and simply enjoy the rest of the games.

At most, don’t exceed 10 games in any given week. It’s madness, don’t bet on every game just because you can watch them all. Find games which you have really studied on go big on them. If you must bet on a team especially those you don’t know anything about, but in only a small amount of money. 4. If you win, go home: See, this is a crazy mistake that lots of bettors constantly make. You have won, and you don’t know when to stop, you get greedy and want to bet on that promising game that you know nothing about.

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