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aidaenderby9436 created
Ligne 1: Ligne 1:
 +KC Gaming Networks Limited hold the Lagos State Lotteries
 +Board license, the [[https://​Register.Bet9Ja.com/?​promocode=yohaig|Sportsbook]] and Gaming license issues by
 +the State of Osun, and hold licenses to operate in all States
 +where sports betting is permitted in Nigeria.
 +Quick Register Follow This Link
 +[[http://​tiny.cc/​bet9jaNG|Bet9ja]] SECURE AND RELIABLE
 +Bet9ja works with the best operators in the world to
 +guarantee the best betting conditions.
 +Your winnings are real. You can play the games for free or bet
 +real money and win. You can transfer your winnings straight
 +across to your bank account at any time, whenever you want.
 +Every day, thousands of players withdraw their winnings and
 +Bet9ja guarantees to pay out on all winning bets.
 +To open or creat a bet9ja [[https://​Www.Paypal.com/​nl/​home|account]] is very easy for online users who intend to Play with their phone or laptop.
 +First name & last name,
 +your address,
 +date of birth and finally
 +pone number.
 +To creat BET9JA ACCOUNT , go to BET9JA website or
 +clickhere https://​register.bet9ja.com/?​promocode=foster10 for the registration page proper direct from here.
 +Fill the form properly then submits ,make Sure you login to your email and confirm the registration because a link will be Send to the email address you provided for authenticity.
 +HOW CAN I FUND MY BET9JA ACCOUNT ?​[[http://​tinyurl.com/​jyjjh75|tinyurl.com]]
 +There are several method of funding your bet9ja online
 +account ,
 +They include :
 +Direct bank deposit,web pay with ATM card,Quick teller ,GTB Collections,​perfect money,​global pay,
 +and [[https://​tinyurl.com/​bet9jaNG|Zenith xpath]] .
 +In other not to bored you with too many write up am going to show you how You can fund with ATM card (master,​visa card) via global or webpay methods into your bet9ja account easily with your Interswitch ATM card.
 +How To Make Payments with Interswitch Webpay (ATM CARD)
 +There is no fee for deposits with this payment method.
 +The good thing about this method is that you can fund your account from your mobile phone at the comfort of your home.
 +Step 1 Login to your Bet9ja account with your username and
 +password using the function provided at the top right of the
 +website. or
 +follow this link https://​register.bet9ja.com/?​promocode=foster10 for the registration page proper
 +For screenshot image guide on bet9ja FUNDING Click here http://​bet9jas.blogspot.co.ke/​p/​blog-page.html?​m=1
 +Step 2 Go to "My Account"​ at the top right corner and click on
 +"​Deposit"​ most time once you are login you get a pop up window showing you have a low balance just click on "​[[http://​tinyurl.com/​jyjjh75|go here]]"​ on the pop up window.
 +Step 3 This will open up the cashier window. Click on "Cards
 +Instant Deposit"​.
 +Step 4 Enter the amount that you would like deposit in the
 +space provided and click next. You can also view the status of
 +your previous transactions here.
 +Step 5 You will be asked to confirm that the amount you
 +entered is correct. If you wish to deposit the amount specified,
 +click "​Confirm"​.
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