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Combining the information captured with the drone with the color information in the satellite image, we train a statistical model called “Random Forest”. The waters around the Galapagos Islands, a hotspot of biodiversity off the coast of Ecuador, have been invaded by more alien species than previously thought. With more than 100,000 goats eating everything in sight, native species like the endangered Galapagos tortoise were struggling to survive.

Considerable research on invasive species in the Galapagos Islands has been conducted by the Charles Darwin Foundation Researchers observed the turtles' behavior over four years and found they spent more time eating invasive plants than native plants. Quasar is also implementing a recycling plant at the head office in Puerto Ayora (in the Galapagos) to recycle materials that will either be reused on the ships or shipped back to the mainland. Indeed, alien or exotic insects today constitute 23 percent of the Galapagos insect fauna.

This means that they have eight color channels (instead of four as the Google Earth satellite images). Among those eight spectral channels, there are some which cover the infrared range, which is very useful for characterizing plant species with different concentrations of chlorophyll. Thank you for this article; I have a better understanding why the rain forest are important to the planet. While the WorldView-2 satellite images have a lower resolution than the drone photos, their potential lies in the fact that they cover the entire study area and are multispectral.

Taro is cultivated only in virgin forest clearings. If every country reduced her forest cover by 9%, we all would be in a lot of problems. Different species populations in the same ecosystem will be affected differently In a period of 10 years, between 1990 and 2000, Burundi (of the Congo rainforest) reduced her forest cover by 9%. High biodiversity can help to stabilise an ecosystem and reduce the overall impact of density-dependent and density-independent factors.

Our main resources are aerial photos captured with drones (DJI Inspire 1 and Mavic Pro) and satellite images with very high resolution (WorldView-2), donated by the DigitalGlobe Foundation, through Brown University. The humid zones (the areas of highest plant biodiversity) have been affected by humans. By the time we made it to the lodge we felt like we’d already experienced the wild natural world of the Amazon Rainforest! It is expected that by 2018, the beef export will increase 93 percent, thereby increasing Brazil’s beef market share of world exports to 61 percent.

The most surprising thing about our entire Ecuador trip was how amazing the food at La Selva Amazon Lodge, like this shrimp and rice curry dish…yum! Do not disturb the animals or remove any native plant or rock. And that could bring catastrophic consequences not only for people in South America, but also for everyone around the world. The Amazon jungle is also home to more animals and plants living in a number of ecosystems unmatched in the planet. The first settlers were Native American peoples who lived in the region before the Europeans conquered South America.

Sao Paulo is a city full of great bars, restaurants and also has some of the best shopping in South America The main characteristic of an island is its isolation.

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