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external page Popular Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has reacted to the news of Davido registering for one year mandatory National Youth Service Corps, NYSC. Davido light up the Nigerian social media sphere yesterday when he shared photos of himself rocking the NYSC uniform after his registration at Lagos camp yesterday. This created a lot of buzz and reactions.tinyurl.com Tonto Dikeh also reacted, saying Davido’s smartness is scary as he is arranging his future to rule Nigerians soon. “This boy is too smart, it’s scary…. David Adedeji Adeleke or Davido was born on November 21, 1992. Now he uses the stage name Davido and is known better as an American-born Nigerian recording artist, record producer, and performer. His music is not only popular in the USA, but in his motherland Nigeria as well. The singer and producer was born in Atlanta, Georgia. His father came to the USA from Nigeria and became a business magnate. His first musical recording “Back When” was released on May 7, 2011. He not only recorded the song but produced them as well. The album earned a big attention from the public.

Davido has been recording with artistes like Dotstar, Lynxxx, Sauce Kid, DJ Skales, Tiwa Savage, Mo’Cheddah, DJ Neptune, Wizkid, Shank, and many more in preparation for his debut album, which is currently untitled. With the debut single entering countdown charts across the country, Davido is almost set to release a follow up single to ensure that his fans always have something new to enjoy. A date has not been set for the release of his debut album, however, the targeted period is some time next year. Davido’s management will communicated a date once confirmed. In the mean time, Davido will continue to make great music and performing on the biggest stages across the country.

He was caught attempting semi-melismatics on ‘How Long’ with Tinashe; a Caribbean apprehension must have caught his fans when he came out with ‘Gbagbe Oshi’. He even attempted trap music on the Nasty C featured tune, ‘Coolest Kid in Africa’. In fact, that last title must have come as a surprise: A Davido song title with four correctly spelled words adding up to a competently verbless sentence. Thankfully for his fans, the man is back to managing expectations and grammar. The new single, a deliciously produced minimalist courtship song, has a one-word title, ‘If’, which will remind the Nigerian pop faithful of Tekno.

Tekno isn’t far off on this one. He is the song’s producer. As with the typical Tekno song, sung or produced, there is an extra sensitivity to drum patterns, his propulsively percussive treatment of melody. So danceably Tekno-esque are the drums on 'If', with a variation of 'Pana's' intermittent harsh sound effects, that it could be a Davido featuring Tekno song or maybe even vice versa. Perhaps it is telling that Tekno does get to say some of the song’s first words; and his signature, “Your favourite boy, Tekno”, are nearly its last words. The one notable deviation from past Tekno songs is the introduction of horns on 'If'. On 'If', local influences are just as perceptible within the song's lyrics. Suggestive of a volte-face, ‘If’ has a sound-canvas provided by one of the men of the Nigerian moment, Tekno; it is filled in with Nigerian pidgin words ‘burukutu’ and ‘chukuchuku’; and contains word combinations from older local music. Yet, there is western consolation in the shape of the occasional yelp (“Yeaah!”) made ubiquituous in the 2000s by US crunk act Lil Jon. On paper, all of these elements might appear disparate, and maybe even a little desperate. On radio, though, it is hit music. One made especially for the Nigerian ear by a back-to-his-roots Davido.

David Adedeji Adeleke (born November 21, 1992), better known by his stage name Davido, is an American-born Nigerian recording artist, performer and record producer. His 2011 single “Dami Duro” was well-received throughout Nigeria. Davido is the co-owner of HKN Music (a record label home to Sina Rambo, B. Red and DeeKay). He has produced for numerous artists including Naeto C, Skales, Tiwa Savage and Sauce Kid. In April 2012, he signed an endorsement deal with MTN Nigeria. On October 23, 2013, Davido partnered with Guinness for the “Guinness World of More” concert. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Davido relocated to Lagos at a young age. He released his debut album Omo Baba Olowo in 2012, which includes the singles “Back When” featuring Naeto C, “Dami Duro”, “All of You”, “Overseas” featuring Sina Rambo, “Ekuro”, “Gbon Gbon” and “Feel Alright” featuring Ice Prince.

Popular Nigerian singer, Davido seems to be in the mood as he showed off Chioma’s N827,000 Fendi Bag, which is one of the latest in town. According to Davido, His wife, Chioma wears the latest designers wear. He shared a video of her rocking the latest Fendi Bag, which he captioned, “My wife wears the latest”. Davido has been referring to Chioma has his wife lately, and she also expressed willingness to tie the knot, so we might be about to witness of special wedding soon. A quick check on Fendi’s website shows the bag costs a whooping 2,290 usd… Which is equivalent to 827,000 NGN. Many feel, Davido might have gotten the expensive bag fro CHioma, well, that can be true as his generosity is well recorded, yesterday he bought the newly released iPhone XS for members of his team. Davido took to his Insta-story to share photos of the iPhone XS he bought for his team members. Few months ago, Davido was also in the news after he bought the iPhone X for his DMW crew. He popped a bottle of wine in Lebanon where he turned up for a show, and then displayed the phones on the table for them to take.

David Adedeji Adeleke (born November 21, 1992), better known by his stage name Davido, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and record producer. His 2011 single “Dami Duro” was well-received throughout Nigeria. Along with his elder brother Adewale Adeleke, Davido is the co-owner of HKN Music (a record label home to Sina Rambo, B. Red and DeeKay). He has produced songs for Naeto C, Skales, Tiwa Savage and Sauce Kid. In April 2012, he signed an endorsement deal with MTN Nigeria. On October 23, 2013, Davido partnered with Guinness Nigeria for the “Guinness World of More” concert. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Davido relocated to Lagos at a young age. His debut album Omo Baba Olowo, released in 2012, was initiated by the bringing out of singles “Back When” featuring Naeto C, “Dami Duro”, “All of You”, “Overseas” featuring Sina Rambo, “Ekuro”, “Gbon Gbon” and “Feel Alright” featuring Ice Prince. Between 2013 and 2015, Davido released the singles “Gobe”, “One of a Kind”, “Skelewu”, “Aye”, “Tchelete (Goodlife)” featuring Mafikizolo, “Naughty” featuring DJ Arafat, “Owo Ni Koko”, “The Sound” and “The Money” featuring Olamide. The aforementioned singles were reportedly intended to be singles off the album, The Baddest.

Davido (born David Adeleke) is a performing and recording artiste andalso a music producer. Davido was born in Atlanta GA, USA on November21st to Mr. And Mrs. Adeleke and attended The British International School, Lagos. I knowwhat I want exactly! ” He is however quick to mention that he would definitely be excited to work with Sarz, Jaysleek and/or Don Jazzy. Without wasting much time, Davido and his management team, in collaboration with Clarence Peters, put together a first-class, never seen before type video, to back up the banger, Dami Duro. Not only did this video create major buzz around websites, TV stations and you tube, but was also said to be one of the best videos out of Nigeria. Without saying much, it is evident that Davido is one to watch out for in 2012! He is evidently here to stay, and deliver.

The journalist who has been in a back and forth drag session with Davido recently, claimed that she speaks with the dead and had a spiritual communication with Davido’s mother, Veronica. Kemi Olunloyo also claimed that she knows why Davido’s mother committed suicide. HNNDavido©I am too emotional to write. I’m not a writer, I’m more of a speaker and would love to give you this as a FREE video documentary on YouTube. Certain things cannot be shown on camera and must be posted here. Watch my emotions😢😢There was no @mitchellanuadeleke till November 9th 2018. I’m leaving these archives for Anu, Imade and Hailey.

One day they will read them and understand why they didn’t grow up together. I have spiritual communication with Vero. Yes I can speak to the dead. There are people who do that in America. People keep INBOXING me about that. I’m not ready for you yet. There’s a lot you can learn from me. Many of you don’t even know Tyler. I have his powers⚰️🎙️He speaks to the dead and can reach your loved ones. Same with me. I can also do prophecies.Many of you don’t understand what I mean by don’t respect the Dead. The DEAD DON’T NEED YOUR RESPECT.

Idi Amin, Hitler, Ojukwu, Murtala Muhammad, Abacha, Ghadaffi etc etc are all dead. Why will you respect them? They are talked about in history long after they’ve gone. Vero will be talked about. I feel Good chose us both on either side of the Atlantic. SUICIDE and I know why. I was the ONLY ONE SHE TOLD.I did not take it seriously but after that church service on Deji’s 40th birthday party and she locked herself in the room when they found her dead, I knew she had “done it”. NEVER EVER LISTEN when you hear someone say “I feel like killing myself”. I could have done something. PTSD in prison, I went on @tvcconnect on World Mental Health Day to appeal to those suffering depression to get help. Nobody has said it, Nobody has reported it because this is Nigeria. A country where it’s shameful just to even say you have cancer let alone depression and suicide.

Popular singer, David Adeleke, aka Davido, has reacted to the assault and robbery experienced by a fan at his live concert which held in Lagos State. The fan, identified as Karimah, revealed that she was robbed and sexually assaulted by a man during the show. According to her, she allegedly saw Davido the moment she was being harassed but he ignored her. She tweeted, “I was robbed and assaulted at Davido’s concert and Davido looked straight at me and continued the show. She continued, “I lost my phone, my ATM card and all my money all because you couldn’t pause the show and see that your fans were dying. A grown man groped me, inserted his fingers in my vagina and continuously beat me up. But reacting, Davido apologized for the ugly experience. He tweeted, “I apologize! On my part I will contact you and make sure all you belongings are replaced and also medical care ..

Some might call the American Realty and Petroleum Company (AMREP for short) a pioneering visionary for its early 1960s purchase of over 50,000 acres on the dusty Sandoval County plains that are now Rio Rancho. Others use different-and not necessarily as complimentary-adjectives to describe the land speculator whose clever marketing attracted hundreds of New Yorkers (among others) to the then untamed western fringes overlooking the Rio Grande. Demographically, the City of Vision has become younger, and while it still attracts retirees, its growth is primarily attributable to first-time buyers moving to Rio Rancho for the quality of life advantages it offers (even without fishing and camping). Among the most apparent vestiges of the New York lifestyle in Rio Rancho is the sheer number of high quality pizzerias, many of them which launched years after the peak migration of New Yorkers.

In New York, pizza is practically a religion with nearly than 1700 restaurants in “Metropolis” containing the words “pizza” or “pizzeria” in their name. Add Davido’s Pizza & More to the list of Rio Rancho pizzerias with a claim to the New York pizza heritage. The family patriarch (not named Davido) is indeed a transplanted New Yorker though it is his daughter and son-in-law who own and manage the restaurant. The restaurant opened in April, 2008. Davido’s was initially situated just about as far north as you can go in Rio Rancho before you’re on Santa Ana Pueblo. It made Placitas, Bernalillo, Santa Ana Pueblo and northern Rio Rancho happy that they no longer had to order pizza from nearby chains Pizza Hut, Little Caesar’s and Domino’s. In February, 2013, Davido’s moved to a more centrally located location in Rio Rancho.

Now situated on heavily trafficked Southern Boulevard, Davido’s now occupies the space previously occupied by Dagmar’s Restaurant & Strudel Haus and prior to that Rocco’s Pizzeria. All vestiges of Dagmar’s are completely gone. In terms of ambiance, you can probably describe Davido’s as “utilitarian.” With only one two-person table for diners to sit, it’s designed as a take-out and delivery operation. Utilitarian does not, however, mean impersonal. Davido’s remains a family-owned, family-operated restaurant run by a very nice family which appreciates your business. The “more” in the restaurant’s name includes five different salads, sandwiches (6-, 9- or 12-inch), stromboli and calzones. The appetizer line-up features bread sticks, cheese bread sticks and wings.

For dessert there is cheesecake, chocolate cake, cannoli, fruit cup and tiramisu. It seems every time a national publication compiles a “best” of any food, the “usual suspects” always seem to represent the Land of Enchantment…and they almost always seem to be from either Santa Fe or Albuquerque. It’s as if new restaurants, especially those outside Santa Fe and Albuquerque, can’t possibly compete with the venerated restaurants which have always made the “best of” lists. In naming Davido’s of Rio Rancho the “best pizza in New Mexico,” Pixte wrote “great value for money with its monstrous portion sizes, you’ll never leave here hungry. No pizza menu would be complete without a pizza adorned solely with cheese. Some purists will argue that the crusty canvas needs no other topping. Davido’s cheese pizza is very good.

Sauce is slathered on generously, but not so much that it overwhelms the rest of the pizza. The crust is chewy and pliable; you can easily fold it over vertically the way some New Yorkers like to eat their pizzas. A combination pizza I recommend with great enthusiasm includes green chile, black olives, sausage, white onions and garlic. Davido’s uses a garlic paste instead of minced garlic, but it’s got plenty of garlicky zest. The green chile would barely register on any piquancy scale, but it has a nice flavor. The sausage has nearly as much piquant bite as does the green chile. Right out of the oven, the crust has the intoxicating, memory-triggering aroma of baked bread. The edges are thick and have plenty of air holes, but what they have most of is the flavor of bread just out of the oven.

There’s relatively little black char on the bottom of the crust. It’s a good pizza Rio Rancho will love and for which Placitas pizza aficionados such as my friend Dave will drive just a bit further. 5 April 2013: They’ll also love the Stromboli, an Italian turnover stuffed with various cheeses, vegetables and meats.tinyurl.com Carnivores will gravitate to one called simply “Meaty” because that’s what engorges its golden sheened crust. The meats include pepperoni, salami, Italian sausage and spicy ground beef topped with melted mozzarella. Omnivores who like a lot of vegetables with their meats will enjoy the Italian Stromboli which is stuffed with finely chopped green pepper, white onion, black olive with capicola and ham.

5 April 2013: The menu also includes several pastas: spaghetti with bread (to which you can add meatballs), ravioli, fettuccini Alfredo (to which you can add grilled chicken), lasagna and baked ziti. The lasagna portion is large enough for two, not that you’d want to share. It’s layers of pasta, ground beef and melted mozzarella slathered with a rich, red sauce. The ground beef is nicely seasoned and the sauce straddles a fine line between sweet and savory. It’s a surprisingly good lasagna considering it won’t be quite as oven warm when you get it home. 27 April 2013: Sandwiches for all weather are a popular draw. Summertime means cold sandwiches such as the Italian (prosciutto, capicola, salami) which is available in six-, nine- or twelve-inch sizes. Sandwiches are crafted with lettuce, tomatoes, provolone and your choice of mayo, mustard or Italian dressing and a bag of chips.

The Italian is terrific and it starts with an excellent bread canvas.bit.ly The bread is soft and chewy, more than formidable enough to hold in all the flavors. In the winter, you’ll want a hot hero: meatball, chicken parmesan, sausage parmesan, eggplant parmesan or sausage, peppers and onions. The hot heroes are available only in six-inch size. 7 July 2018: Michael Gonzales, the affable owner of Cafe Bella and a classically trained chef with serious kitchen cred, is a huge fan of one of the smallest items on the Davido’s menu. That would be pizza pinwheels, an appetizer available in quantities of six or twelve.

Pizza pinwheels resemble cinnamon rolls, but instead of icing, these scrumptious spirals are “iced” with tomato sauce and cheese. As with much of the Davido’s menu, what makes these special is the delicious bread on which they’re made. These soft pinwheels are absolutely addictive. Alas, the pizza pinwheels are so good, we have yet to try Davido’s barbecue pinwheels. 7 July 2018: One of the highlights of serving as a judge at the 2014 Taste of Rio Rancho was the opportunity to sample some of the City of Vision’s very best foods, some of which were new to me. At the risk of losing my impartiality, one of my very favorite entries was the New Mexican Cheesesteak from Davido’s. “What,” you ask “is a New Mexico cheesesteak? ” It’s essentially a Philly cheesesteak on a tortilla with the uniquely New Mexico touch of green chile.

More than the sum of its components, it’s sheer deliciousness: lean beef, ribbons of not-quite-caramelized onions, fragrant green peppers, molten white cheese and pleasantly piquant green chile. The tortilla is bursting at the seams with a moist, flavorful Cheesesteak our state legislature should consider for candidacy as the official New Mexico state sandwich. 7 July 2018: In addition to the New Mexico Cheesesteak, Davido’s offers a Philly Cheesesteak that hearkens back to the days of its predecessor tenant, Rocco’s Pizza. Call it heresy if you will, but Davido’s Philly might be better than Rocco’s. I can only say “might be” because my Kim would only give me one bite of her sandwich. The most obvious difference from Rocco’s is the moistness and texture of the beef. Where Rocco’s used waifishly thin shaved beef, Davido’s slices its beef into strips, retaining moistness and flavor. The creamy white cheese is rich and unctuous, so much better than the Cheez Whiz you’ll find on South Philadelphia’s mean streets.

According to various reports out of Lagos, Nigerian Afro-pop superstar Davido is believed to have been involved in some sort of altercation with singer and comedian MC Galaxy. Davido’s team has since clarified his side of the story, and claims that the singer never laid a finger on Galaxy. “According to someone who witnessed the beat down, trouble started after MC Galaxy told B-Red that he (Galaxy) was more popular than him (B-Red),” Ikeji wrote.bet9ja.com “B-Red didn’t agree and they went back and forth. Then an HKN Gang member, who is a Ghanaian artist, told MC Galaxy that he was not funny as a comedian.

Nigerian Entertainment Today followed that initial report (which was picked up in some form by several Nigerian media outlets) by reaching out to Davido’s camp, and spoke with his manager, Kamal Ajiboye. Ajiboye says that while he left the studio before the alleged fight took place, his understanding is that Davido himself wasn’t involved in any altercation. “From what I heard, David didn’t touch him,” he said, explaining that the issue seems to have been between MC Galaxy and a few members of Davido’s crew, including B-Red, who is also Davido’s cousin. It appears that for now, both Davido and MC Galaxy are keeping mum about the incident. The two have been described as being quite close in the past, so time will tell if this will be a hiccup in their relationship, or if this will mark a split between MC Galaxy and Davido’s HKN camp. This is actually not the first time in recent months that MC Galaxy has been involved in some sort of physical altercation. Last fall the ‘Sekem’ singer was embroiled in a dust-up with a concert promoter outside of a nightclub in Silver Springs, Maryland.

Define Assurance and Davido comes to mind. The past few days has been the best yet for OBO Davido. Davido who had earlier said that he has ‘peace of mind’ has bought himself a private jet making him the youngest Nigerian to own one. This information is coming in hours after his personal assurance and girlfriend, Chioma Avril Rowland, landed a partnership deal for her cooking show and Davido became a brand ambassador of the Infinix telephone brand. Air OBO soon land ! Bought already .. it’s not soup it’s Hard work and Ambition! He also stated that his new baby, a Bombardier Challenger 605, arrives in two weeks. 4 million (N1.44 billion) per year. Meanwhile, Nigerians are stunned by the news. I see forbes list in your future. You are truly an inspiration. You are on that billion dollat trail. Does Dmw not need a hype lady? 🤯🤯 I won’t be surprised if OBO gets a Yacht soon . Davido you’re causing traffic jam.. Everybody now looking up to see air OBO passing..

Nigerian pop star Davido was questioned twice by police over the suspicious death of his friend after two other members of his entourage died later in the same week. The incident triggered passionate reactions in Nigeria, where the 24-year-old singer, whose real name is David Adedeji Adeleke, is a generational star with 2.8 million followers on Twitter and five million on Instagram. Umeike’s girlfriend Caroline Danjuma, an actress in Nigeria’s film industry Nollywood, accused Davido of abandoning his friend, saying he should explain himself. When first questioned by police, Davido said he was at a club and only heard of Umeike’s death hours after the fact, Lagos state police commissioner Imohimi Edgal told a press conference on Wednesday.

“However, investigation revealed that Davido’s white Toyota Hilux escort driver… took the deceased to the General Hospital and abandoned him in his vehicle on the instruction of Davido,” Edgal said. “The interim autopsy report stated that the victim died of asphyxia, which means suffocation,” said Edgal, adding that the singer was questioned again on Wednesday. Two other members of the singer’s entourage died a few days after Umeike. Their bodies were discovered on October 7 in a BMW parked in a private residence in the ultra-chic Lagos area Banana Island. Local media initially reported the deaths were from overdoses, but police said they were waiting for autopsy results. In a video published on his Instagram account on Wednesday, Davido denounced “lies everywhere” after internet rumours about the deaths. “Due to respect for Tagbo and his family, I haven’t spoken about the issue since (his death). Soon, a statement and footage will be released. Enough is enough,” Davido said.

D’Prince - Gucci Gang ft. DJ ECool - Ada ft. Ichaba - Baby Mama ft. Davido - Pere ft. Olamide - Summer Body ft. 9ice - Living Things (Remix) ft. Sean Tizzle - Dide ft. Dj Spinall - Olowo ft. May D - Hustle ft. Davido - Maga 2 Mugu ft. Dammy Krane - Ladies ft. Rayce - Wetin Dey (Remix) ft. Humble Smith - Osinachi (Remix) ft. Ketchup - Baby Oh ft. Falz - Bahd Baddo Baddest ft. Iceberg Slim - Wave ft. Davido - Chillin ft. Lil Kesh - Yaya Yoyo ft. Solidstar - Wait ft. Danagog - Hookah ft.

Sina Rambo - Earth Quake ft. DJ Xclusive - Wole ft. Davido - Fans Mi ft. Skales - Always ft. Orezi - Shuperu (Remix) ft. Kiss Daniel - Woju Remix ft. Masterkraft - Indomie (Remix) ft. Sina Rambo - Wa Ba Mi Lo ft. Emma Nyra - Elele Ft. Runtown - Gallardo ft. Shatta Wale - Wine Ya Waist ft. Oritse Femi - Sexy Ladies ft. D’Prince - Gentleman ft. D-Black - Carry Go ft. Reminisce - Daddy ft. Shank - Ghetto (Remix) ft. Sheyman - Paper Remix ft. May D - Your Eyes ft. B-red - Insane Girl ft. Olamide - Panumo ft. Davido - Bless Me ft. KCEE - Okpekete (Remix) ft. Tunde Ednut - Jingle Bell ft.

DAVIDO PRIVATE PHONE NUMBER, REAL WHATSAPP NUMBER, DMW CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS AND MORE.. 25 instantly on Payoneer. What you need is just your Valid ID Card (National ID, Drivers license etc). UTILIZE THIS OPPORTUNITY NOW. Like it or not, David Adeleke aka Davido is one of the hottest sensation on the African entertainment industry as a whole. Not only is hr an awesome singer, he is also a Philanthropist and loves to give to his fans from his barnyard of riches. This has endeared many to him and helped I crease his fan base. And trust me when I say this guy surely knows how to reach out to his fans.

Askdavido trend on twitter and gave replies to practically all questions fans three at him. He even added lots of humour to spice things up. So why won’t everyone want his number? On this article we will be doing what a lot of sites won’t do. We will be giving out Davido direct phone number so fans can reach or attempt to reach the singer whenever. Note: You may not get a reply when you try reaching him by phone. Trust celebrities to always act up when it come to phone calls from fans. But know that you can always reach him via his social media outlets that we will share with you.

So sit back and relax. READ ALSO: Davido outlines requirements to join his record label DMW. DAVIDO PRIVATE PHONE NUMBER, REAL PHONE NUMBER, WHATSAPP NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS, CELL PHONE NUMBER, MTN LINE, GLO LINE, AIRTEL LINE, 9MOBILE ETISALAT SIM AND MORE. Davido Instagram: Find and follow Davido on Instagram. You can send him messages and if you are lucky he will give you a direct reply. Davido Facebook: Davido is on Facebook. You can reach him via… DAVIDO FACEBOOK. Davido Private Number: Davido private phone number: We posted the singer’s number here sometime ago but had to take it down for special reasons.

However You Can Make A Private Request To Get It. Feel free to disturb the singer on his social media outlet. But note that you may not get a reply each time you try. This is partly because of the fact that thousand others are struggling for his attention and chances that he will filter you out to reply is slim. Another reason why you may not get a reply is because sometimes their media accounts are not managed by them. Davido official website: Davido’s personal site. Davido Whatsapp number 2018, 2019: Sorry no number for now. Check back later as we update the article.

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