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Results Nullify Perception in Sports Betting

There's an old saying that suggests perception is reality. Although there is some merit to the general concept, this couldn't be further from the truth when it comes to sports betting. The “perception is reality” theme mostly relates to the marketplace and how powerful of an influence marketing campaigns can have on the consumer. In other words, those who sell the products don't really care if they perform as advertised; so long as you believe they are pitching a high-quality item, this is all the marketing folks really care about. Perception plays a big part of sports betting. Our perceptions influence our evaluations of teams and betting decisions, and the oddsmakers' lines incorporate perceptions into their equation when setting the odds. They are well aware of the general perception of each team, and they react accordingly. However, keep in mind that perception is not reality. Results are reality, and the quicker you embrace the reality of certain teams, trends or concepts, you will be ahead of the game in sports betting. How often are your perceptions proved wrong? If you are a seasoned sports bettor, the answer likely is “all the time.” There's no shame in this. Developing conclusions and perceptions based on our research is an integral part of our success. With due diligence, you will find that you are probably correct more often than not. Even so, it's the ability to adjust and respond when we are wrong that ultimately will make a difference in the long run. If you can't swallow your pride and admit that you made an inaccurate observation, then you are letting emotion get in the way of logic, and you are doomed for failure. Before any season starts, gamblers and oddsmakers alike are working on limited information. We all read the pre-season magazines and scan Web sites looking for valuable information. We listen to cable TV pundits giving their prognostications on how each team's fortune will turn out. At some point, the overload of information becomes moot. We all know which team lost players to free agency, who they added from draft or trades, coaching changes and all other relevant information to the make-up of the club. If you're not up to speed on this basic information, then you are fighting a losing battle from the start. To make your perception based on the available information is a reasonable approach; failure to see your perception as a moving target is a mistake. Take this year's NFL season, for example. It seems many observers assumed the return of Tom Brady would instantly return the New England Patriots to their juggernaut form of two years ago. They were immediately made the Super Bowl favorite, and have been the favorite in each game they have played so far this year. Although there's no question that Brady is a difference-maker to the franchise, you have to keep in mind that he is coming back from a serious knee injury that has spelled the beginning of the end to many NFL careers. Already, 먹튀검증 he has missed throws that used to come second nature, and has a looked a little uncomfortable in the pocket at times. You also have to consider all other factors with respect to this team. New England has a banged-up running corps, and consistently has had a revolving door at the receiver position. Its defense has lost all of the savvy veterans that were the cornerstone of its Super Bowl teams to either injury or retirement. Also, coach Bill Belichick has lost talent from his coaching staff – namely offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, who is now the head coach of the Denver Broncos. If your perceptions of either team haven't changed by now, then you haven't been paying attention. It's fine to wait and see if a week or two was just an aberration before altering your perception for good. But after watching Brady struggle with his consistency and the New England defense give up its share of big plays for a month, it's time to realize that these are not the Patriots of 2007. Nor are the Broncos the same pass-happy, no-defense club that self-destructed last year. A lot can change in sports in a short time frame, and the reality of the situation is that Denver is an improved club that should be viewed based its current merits instead of past shortcomings. Don't let your personal biases get in the way. Whether you like or dislike a particular player or coach is irrelevant, or at least it should be when it comes to betting decisions. What should really concern you is the reality of how a team is performing, and making sure to take an objective stance with all factors that influence your decisions.

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