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external pageexternal site This article is drawn from the Transport Weekly newsletter from GreenBiz, running Tuesdays.(Image: http://tjhirschenterprises.com/wp-content/gallery/vehicle-shipping-services/img_1953.jpg) OK, you survived 2018 with its steady drumbeat of overwhelming climate calamity reports, political anxiety and internet data breaches. 2019 is going to be better, right? Well, these three issues might be the new normal, but I think a lot of inspiring, important and uplifting events also will occur in 2019 related to sustainable transportation. Whether that's a big tech company converting its fleet to all-electric, a hot startup that surfaces with a breakthrough solution around battery power or new aggressive mandates and incentives that will reduce transportation-related emissions.

(Image: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-1Ze0CEdza_E/TZmLSjkTefI/AAAAAAAACB4/EtEP43IcYOA/w1200-h630-p-k-no-nu/Renault-Samsung-SM7-concept-car.jpg)1. Amazon's transportation and logistics grand plans soar. Amazon not-so-quietly has been disrupting the shipping and logistics industry for several years. The e-commerce behemoth operates its own Uber-style on-demand delivery service Amazon Flex; it's got Delivery Service Partners Network for the entrepreneurial-minded; and it's working on a not-yet-commercial drone program. Not to mention that its Prime delivery service utterly has changed how consumers expect packages to be delivered. But in 2019, Amazon will grow its logistics and distribution network even more, looping out delivery partners in key areas and beginning a several-years-long morph into one of the world's most important transportation companies.

This is particularly important because Amazon could use its large balance sheet to prioritize cleaner forms of delivery logistics such as electric vehicles and efficiency software. 2. Uber buys Lime for billions. Uber is increasingly painting itself as a mobility provider offering various modes of sustainable transportation. If scooters are really the hot mobility trend that 2018 has promised, then Uber greatly could benefit from buying the biggest scooter sharing company out there. No doubt, this union is already under discussion, and Uber and Lime already work together, but a marriage could become even more important as Uber nears an IPO, expected in 2019. The valuation? 3. Tesla's Model 3 struggles with reliability and price, but changes the game.

Tesla and its fearless leader Elon Musk spent much of 2018 desperately trying to ramp up production of its lower-cost, more mainstream, electric car, the Model 3, as quickly as possible. To meet a crazy production growth schedule, the company even resorted to building Model 3s in a tent facility, with a production line built from scratch, next to its Fremont, California, factory. So it's probably not a surprise that early Model 3s have had reliability problems with software and hardware. Those issues could last awhile; Tesla's Model X cars have been on the roads for years and still seem to have issues. 35,000 price, partly because of battery costs.

Amazon not-so-quietly has been disrupting the shipping and logistics industry for several years. 4. The auto industry continues to hemorrhage jobs, profits. 5. Electric trucks hit a turning point. 2018 was the year of electric buses as transit agencies and school districts turned to battery power to lower emissions, curb air pollution, meet mandates and gain incentives. Yet there's still a dearth of electric truck models out there from the big automakers. In 2019, OEMs will begin to wake up to the growing market for e-trucks, like delivery vans, recycling trucks and cargo-handling vehicles. This market partly will be paved by e-buses, but it also will be dominated by companies' desires to save on fuel and operating costs.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope we see each other soon. It is LVM cargo balikbayan box forwarder in Holland. I´m not allowed to send the link here so just google it. The owner is Jane En Wim.They have fb account and a website. You can ask them what you want to know. I have not tried them yet, but my hubby have ordered b-boxes for us to use this Aug. or Sept. I can not say that they are good. We´ll try. Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice weekend! Balikbayan box in the Netherlands and we did searched and found 2 possible companies they are, LVM and PB (Pinoy Box) in Netherlands. I am here in the Philippines and my wife Lynn is in the Netherlands right now.

Netherlands and u said about the positive comments on the services? Because my wife Lynn will send a Balikbayan boxes over here in Mindanao (CDO). July till August. More power And keep us updated. Also would like to know if they have a counterpartner in the Philippines that is accredited by the DTI-PSB. I'm kinda impatient because I want to go home already. I's kinda impatient because I want to go home already! Thanks for giving time on my case, I am still trying my best to fight this case in behalf of my dead Mom. I´m so sorry of the death of your mother. I hope she did not suffer much before her death.

It´s aweful to hear that your sick mother had waited and waited for her box but nothing arrived. I don´t think that said box will still come to your home. I´m sure those things inside the box are now being used by the “thief” whoever that might be. I know how you felt and I hope I can consul you by saying that those people who betrayed the trust of other people will be punish in their life, in one way or another. I have not sent my Balikbayan boxes through Conphil since 2008 so, I have no idea if they are still existing. I will delete the name of this company as my source of information in this hub. Yes, of course it is not fair to the customers.

You can consult a lawyer and can file a case. The box was insured for the lose as stated in the filled up form, but you have to think of the cost that might bring to you. It might not worth the trouble anymore as the sender is no longer with us on earth. Your comment can be read worldwide so thank you for this as it might help others to be careful to what company they are sending. Talking about this problem to other Filipinas who are working and living abroad is good as this is helping getting off the “black sheep” out of the way.

Thank you for your visit. Have a nice week! My mother send Balikbayan Box last January 2012 thru Conphil, Gutersloh, Germany, expected arrival in Cebu is March 2012 but unfortunately until now July 2013 the said box is still unknown when it will arrive. Every time when I call Mrs. llorente she will make a follow up in Cebu. My mother have her important belongings in this said box because it was her last box for Cebu. She waited until she died with her cancer in Cebu July 2012. It was so sad to see her waiting her belongings and also it is so sad that the said Mrs. llorente have no conscience.

My son send also 2 bicycles together with the box, he was so happy that it arrives but so sad that the bicycles was changed from a new one to an old one. Is this the kind of fairness for the customer? I am hoping that someone can pass this message to Mrs. Llorente so that she knows that I am not spreading bad rumors but writing the truth. How can I expect an arrangement with fairness to my dead Mom? I can relate how you feel about sending balikbayan boxes to the Philippines. As you have read my update above, I too was thinking of not doing it anymore due to the stress that I had for waiting.

Imagine, waiting, e mailing, calling and so on for 5 months. Well, I might send one again but not the same company like the last time. I´ve heard of a balikbayan boxes company in the Netherlands who are collecting balikbayan boxes from Germany, too. I got some positive comments from those who are sending. I might try them. Thanks for stopping by. I had the experience of sending a balikabayan box from to UK to Manila.(Image: https://racecarsdirect.com/content/UserImages/54334/382230.jpg?v=1) It was not really my intention to send one but a shopping spree in a dept. store in UK got me to buy cheap cooking wares.

So I went on to contact one of the biggest forwarding company in the UK. I thought it would be hassle free but no.. I learned later on that they used different company for the delivery service then the shipment was delayed for 3 weeks. So after3 mos still no box arrived. I don't know anymore if it's worth sending one as it cost too much stress from calling, sneding email following up for the delivery date. I just wrote a new update on this hub. Yep, this service of sending things to our destination through ship is affordable. It takes a few months to arrive. As long as they arrive, its good.

(Image: https://www.eastwestautotransport.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/HIgh-Res-Open-Carrier.jpg?quality=100.3016013118360)Thank you Brett for your visit and for sharing my hub to others. Although not exactly for the same purpose, slow post (often on ships, taking up to 3 months) is a service many EFL teachers use. It is an affordable way to move everything and return with a few gifts. Up, interesting and shared. Sorry it took too long to answer your question about “balikbayan box” from Philippines to Germany. I´m sorry again. The company whom my friend was using is no longer existing. Whenever I heard about another kind of shipping company which are transporting goods from Phil. Germany, I´ll let you know.

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