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external frame More men are selecting, buying and wearing jewelry than ever before. The modern man is embracing jewelry as the ticket to the fashion club.duifhuizen.nl I'll go through and give you tips on how to select and wear each piece of men's jewelry. Necklaces- Necklaces have been hitting the fashions mags big time. Chains and pendants can be a very distinctive fashion statement. Small beads can be worn on cords. Dog tags, with a design (like your family crest) engraved on it is playing very well. A combination of chains and cords w/ pendants is fashionable. Try different lengths with your variety of shirts and see how it looks. You've been warned. If you do have a 1/2 ton of gold chain, trade it in at your jeweler for something updated. A pendant is a very personal item.

external sitethebagstore.nlIt says volumes about your personality and style. Bracelets- Bracelets are easy to wear every day. Men's standard bracelet size is 8.5 inches. Pick a bracelet that is adjustable, or have it fitted properly. If you wear a watch, a bracelet on the left is discouraged because it can scratch up an expensive timepiece. Rings- Rings can be a touchy subject with men. There is a happy medium. The only time not to is if work or play may damage it. That leaves nine more to go! Please don't go overboard though. A ring on every finger looks like you are a bruiser with brass knuckles on.

Wear only one ring on each hand at a time. One ring right, one left, max. The finger is up to you. I think they look masculine on the right middle finger, ring finger and index finger. As far as fit is concerned.. The ring should fit tight enough to stay on, and loose enough to be comfortable. With a rainbow of gem color, the sky is the limit. A classic staple for a man is a signet ring, with your initials on it. A plain band is popular so consider a width that looks perfect on your finger. Earrings- Earrings can be worn as a pair, or just single. Many jewelers are starting to break up sets and sell them individually.

A diamond stud is a classic, as well as a small diameter, medium width hoop. Your favorite gem can always be made into a stud earring. Cuff links- Cuff links used to be the symbol of the wealthy high roller. These days, cuff links aren't just a black tie affair, it's a staple of the sophisticated look. Luckily, you don't need a fortune to look super sharp with cuff links. Cuff links are made in alternative metals these days. Of course, step one is to purchase a few shirts with a french cuff. White and blue will be a good start for your closet. If you're as clueless as I am with an iron, send those shirts to be done at your dry cleaner.

Choosing cuff links is a little tricky. As with all your pieces, make sure it fits your style, and your personality. I have never been a fan of the “themed” cuff links. Pick a modern, slick style in a shape you like. Also, many cuff links available are accented in black. This is great if all your clothes are black. For your first pair, stick to an all metal link that will prove more versatile. Having your initials engraved on some plain round or square cuff links is a timeless and elegant way to go. Brooches- Brooches aren't just for women anymore. Yes, I just said that. Brooches on a lapel jacket are popping up all over the runways. This is a unique opportunity to wear a badge of sorts. Antique and vintage brooches abound in re-sale shops. I had a pair of unique antique silver button style earrings hanging around. I have one of my favorite brooch pins.thehill-side.com I ended up gave the other to a friend, with great success. I get compliments on the daring fashion move every time I sport it! Here are some of the main things to keep in mind when wearing jewelry items, in combination. Match shapes and finishes together. Remember to match your belt buckle too. Jewelry is rarely a reckless part of the your fashion presentation. Everything doesn't have to match as if it came in a set.

They are super comfortable and even have a pull-on elastic waist. Talk about first-class comfort for a long flight. They even have side pockets so you can have easy access to your passport at the airport. As a plus, they are stylish and perfect for both economy or business class jetsetters. Pair them with tall leather boots or soft ballet flats. Wear them on the plane then on the streets of Italy to sightsee during the fall or spring months. Readers say: “Angelina makes warm leggings that are great for the price. For many readers, Angelina leggings are a no-brainer.

10, making them the best cheap leggings for winter. They’re easy to layer under other pants when it’s cold, or wear under dresses in autumn or spring. They’re also super soft and cozy, so readers like wearing them at home in the cold, not only as winter layers when traveling. They come in various colors, but the grey and navy are favorite hue (after color black, of course.) You can also buy them in 3-packs at a discounted rate. Our suggestion: buy one pair first and if you like them, get the 3-pack next time. Another popular style is Angelina’s winter fleece legging! Express leggings are available in a variety of styles including cropped, split ankle, zip, and paneled. A variety of prints are also available, meaning you’re guaranteed to find the perfect pair.

The leggings are very durable and thick, lasting many washes, making them perfect for long traveling trips. The thickness means you can wear them with shorter tops and shirts, modestly. They are made from a cotton/spandex mix, meaning the fabric is breathable, lightweight, and has the ability to absorb sweat-great for a long day’s wear. Worth a mention is that these leggings run slightly long, so rolling up might be a necessity. These are probably the best leggings for slightly taller women. If you’re on the shorter side, try their ankle leggings instead. J. Jill leggings are created from a pima cotton and Lycra spandex blend. 39 price tag. Marketers claim it lasts 50% longer than other forms of cotton, which makes a popular option for travel.

They’re not only some of the best petite leggings but they also offer misses sizes, too. The fabric is light to wear yet provides superior warmth, is absorbent, and extremely durable. These are surely a no-brainer as some of the warmest and best leggings for winter, perfect for traveling to places with chilly weather. They’re exactly like normal leggings, but are lined with fleece, a fabric that insulates in cold weather. These leggings are thin but warm, so even though they are lined, they don’t appear bulky. They are also opaque, meaning you have the option to wear shorter tops and shirts. The fleece feels soft and very comfortable.

I can’t think of anything better to keep you snug during harsh winter climates. Some notes: these leggings have been known to snag, so be careful around rough textures, like Velcro. Also, they’re not available year-round, so make sure to get them when they’re in season! Alternatively, there’s a similar more budget-friendly brand available on Amazon. “I love Vera Wang, they have lasted a long time, look great, and can be found easily! Vera Wang’s premium fashion line Simply Vera Vera Wang, gives you the chance to purchase on-trend designer-style pieces at affordable prices. The leggings offer a variety of fabrics, styles, colors, and the designer’s signature bold prints.

They are definitely fun, adding a splash of color or print to your travel wardrobe. There’s an extended size range, too! This is the perfect chance to get your hands on a designer piece, without shelling out the significant price tag. Also available on Amazon. 10 ones in Old Navy survive lots! Available in black and dark grey, these are the best leggings for women who want a casual option. If you’re after an everyday basic pair, Old Navy leggings fit the bill. They’re versatile; they look great with everything from sweats to party dresses, however, they could be considered quite thin (although not see-through).

For comfort, pair these leggings with longer tops or dresses. For traveling purposes, these leggings are great: they are comfortable enough to withstand long flights, are lightweight, and can be effortlessly mixed and matched. This helps eliminate the need for large luggage and the inexpensive price leaves extra pocket money for bikini shopping! They are described as soft, stretchy, and flattering. 10, they are great value for the money. Some reviewers note that these leggings have inconsistent sizing issues; be sure to try before you buy. Here you can find a full listing of all their leggings including maternity, plus size, and athletic styles. Great for outdoors, these are the leggings “you’ll never want to take off,” made from lightweight and soft pure merino rib fabric (a great natural alternative to synthetics). They fit close to the body to regulate temperature without overheating. These Icebreaker leggings have a casual fit, meaning they look great under any clothing, and provide the ultimate comfort with a low-riding elasticated waistband and relaxed cuffs. The best black leggings are the ones that don’t fade. Athletic materials are the ideal for this. What are your favorite travel leggings? Share in the comments! PIN THIS PIC TO SAVE IT! We hope you liked this lineup of the best leggings for women who travel. Please share this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Each of our tote bags is created with you and your busy schedule in mind. The large silhouette and main interior compartment gives you enough space to carry your laptop, phone, keys, makeup and more while dedicated interior pockets help you stay organized and keep smaller items from getting lost in the bottom. While the interior accomplishes optimum functionality, the exterior design, hardware, color and patterns make our pieces an eye-catching part of your ensemble. We believe that inspiration can come from anywhere. Our cleverly crafted totes will be the inspiration for new outfits and looks that are 100% you.bol.com Whether you choose a fold over, workbag or shopper style, you’ll find a tote handbag that inspires you, helps you and dreamily complements your favorite looks. The rich leathers of our bags come pebbled or smooth, in vibrant colors or traditional shades and exciting patterns for a hint of fun.

The inspiration for our versatile totes is our love of all things vintage and the ability to combine that with our desire to utilize modern conveniences to make your life better. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for efficiency and with our products you don’t have to. Iconic design, bold color and eternal optimism inspire and shape everything we make, so you can know that you are getting a high-quality piece. Some days, you just have to bring everything with you - just in case. Instead of carting around a lot of different bags, having to keep up with them and deal with the stress that it creates, save yourself the hassle and preserve your personal style and shop our tote handbags. These bags are the definition of classic style and will complement any outfit you carry them with.

Dress them up for work, accent them with a charm or scarf, or dress them down for travel days - whatever you have on the agenda, they will help you stay organized and put together. Upgrade your workbag with one of our style-inspiring totes. Designed to go beyond the expected, they allow you to keep track of all of your belongings in style and make a lasting impression from the meeting room to your desk. You want to be taken seriously as a professional and we want to help you, which is why we designed our handbags to cater to your changing work needs. Large enough to transport a laptop, notebook, pens and phone, and boasting an attractive exterior design, our tote bags are a welcome addition to your workweek lineup.

What types of diamond earring sets are available? Diamond stud earrings may be the most popular to give as a gift. Diamond stud earring sets feature one diamond for each ear. Sizes and shapes vary, so it may be best to get an idea of the particular taste of the receiver if you’re buying them as a gift. Some common diamond shapes include princess, round, emerald, oval, radiant, and pear. Diamond journey earrings feature several diamonds usually arranged in a vertical line. This presents a contrasted look from the single-diamond stud earrings. Styles, metals, and settings do vary, so there are additional choices to be made.

Three-stone diamond earrings feature three, individually-set diamonds. Styles vary: some diamonds are arranged in a vertical fashion, some are arranged in a triangle shape, and others vary. Three-stone diamond earrings are very elegant and may be most optimal for formal affairs, while diamond stud earrings, though glamorous, can be worn in most settings. What other factors should I consider with my diamond jewelry purchase? Diamond stud earrings attach to the ear by a hinged or post style clasp. A post style involves a metal rod attached to the back of the diamonds’ settings with a butterfly-looking clasp attaching for security. A diamond hangs below a hinge and the earring is held in place by a French wire (fish hook-looking device) with a hinged style. Neither style affects the glamour of the diamond jewelry, yet the wearer may have a preference. It is difficult to purchase diamond jewelry for others. To get a better sense of what style to purchase, peruse magazines and stores with the receiver, and then purchase accordingly. Three metals can be associated with a diamond jewelry purchase: platinum, white gold, and yellow gold. As with other elements of style, it is best to gain an understanding of personal tastes if you’re buying the diamond earrings as a gift.

Are you a kind of a person who loves to wear different necklaces on the outfit? But afraid to style as there are varieties of options available.Then stop fearing and start layering your neck because silver necklaces make a perfect accessory to adorn the looks. They are the pieces which get noticed among a large group of people and are considered as the first jewellery gift which a child gets after his/her birth. Gold plated necklace set or sterling silver necklace are the pieces which are available in vast range of designs and sizes and can be worn in a number of styles.

Being able to layer up your silver necklaces designs to create a unique design and combinations is so much fun and it looks very pretty on almost any outfit. All you have to do is find out some creative and cool ways to wear the gold plated long necklace with chokers or small set. So have a look. 1. The most preferred method is to wear different types of silver or gold plated necklace at once or try to match your existing necklace with another piece. This will help you to easily express yourself.america-today.com You can also try your hand by adding fashionable and pretty pendant and get your outfit a classy look. 2. Wear a fashionable and simple style body chain with a delicate silver necklace for an out of box style.

Body chains are very daring and unique jewellery pieces and are easy and cool to wear. This combination looks great when worn over night-out outfits. You can also style them with deep V-necks or crop tops to show the creativity and originality. Most preferably, you can wear them with monochromatic outfits of dark colour so your jewellery can stand out. 3. You can go for minimalistic gold plated choker necklace with a gold plated thin chain for a classy and sleek look. This will bring out your confidence and cool appearance. 4. If you want to have a modern look then try layering your neck with different in length silver pendant necklaces.

This style will give you a very comfy and attractive look and works best with open cardigans or V-neck sweaters. 5. For a trendy and fashionable look layer a lariat necklaces with a choker or dainty necklace in silver. They will provide a discreet and chic look when styled with any outfit. Many people like to combine them with other necklaces too to get the full layering effect. This combination is suitable for V-neck tops. 6. If you want a creative look then keep your pendants of necklaces at the back to decorate your back. This technique could be applied with a single gold plated or sterling silver necklaces or layering necklaces.

macys.comIn addition, you can pull off this style to your wedding dress, casual wears or chic night-out outfits. No matter of your choice you will be admired for your artistic skills. This stylistic melange looks very original and also mysterious. These unique ideas to wear silver necklaces will provide you with a stylish, bright and enchanting look. Silver Necklace online make great accessories for every occasion and for every kind outfit. They are the pieces which are known for their colour, flexibility and reasonable price when compared to gold or other metals and are loved by everyone. Silver necklace designs also allow giving a personal touch to every outfit in a creative way. Author's Bio: The author of this article is a passionate reader and writer by profession and has a keen interest in silver jewellery. Her association with Ornate Jewels has given her an excellent opportunity to express her love for a silver necklace. At Ornate Jewels, you will find a fantastic collection of sterling silver earrings, bracelets, rings and much more in various types, designs, styles and sizes. Please Register or Login to post new comment. Your Feet Deserve Leather Shoes!

Pakistan is a country of diverse culture and rich tradition. As far as fashion is concerned, currently, people are not illiterate about fashion and trend in Pakistan. Several fashion schools have been developing and flourishing all over the country changing the idea that fashion is just for limited people. Nowadays, fashion awareness has proved that this subject is open for the masses. Nowadays, Pakistani people are very passionate about fashion and trendy clothes. Whether we talk about men fashion in Pakistan or women clothes’ trend, we will find ultimate craze for both of them. Various fashion designers in Lahore and Karachi are engaged producing unique designs and styles. Summer is at its peak and it is the time when latest fashion discoveries come forward.

However, this year the collection, colors, cuts and designs that are offered are bit unique than those offered in the previous years. The new designs and styles are greatly inspired by the ongoing trends at international level. Neon colors that are also known as highlighters are the most demanding colors in the fashion industry 2012. Bold oranges, bright pinks and green colors are the most preferred whether we talk about bridal fashion in Pakistan or casual wears. Summer collection is dominated by these colors than the previously used pet shades of pinks and blues. Although 2012 fashion clothing is greatly dominated with western cuts but it is equally presentable and acceptable for urban as well as rural people.

The designers have beautifully complemented the traditional styling lines and patterns making them possible to adopt for everyday use. Long shirts fashion is still prevailing and widely accepted styling all over Pakistan. Fashion does not only confine to styling lines and patterns. Rather it makes its presence in accessories too. This generally includes bags, shoes and jewelry items. In accessories, bold and bright neon colors are still ‘in’. Several brands are committed producing up to date accessories meeting running international market and trends. Bright colored chappals with bold colored kutas are the most demanding trend of this summer. If you are also interested in buying trendy kurta collection then you must visit Khaadi, Raj Ja and Generation that are offering the best kurtas meeting the latest fashion demands.

Moreover, these brands also offer matching bags, shoes and other accessories to complement your clothing. So, you may look even more elegant and perfect by using these branded items. 1. Lala Textiles presents latest Kesa Summer Lawn Collection. This collection is greatly inspired by the colors, patterns and designs used in Japan.facebook.com The delicate and intricate art designs are further enhanced with embellishments. Flora and geometrical patterns in aqua, navy blue and multi tones make perfect clothing for summers. 2. Asim Jofa Summer Lawn Collection is another hallmark in 2012 summer variety. The embroidery designs are beautifully and technically employed with extraordinary colored panels. Beautiful ornamentation is placed at front as well as at the back of the dress. 3. Fraz Manan has launched another exotic variety of lawn prints under the trademark of Crescent Lawn Prints 2012. Various actors, singers, fashion designers and fashion models enthusiastically participated at the launch. Please Register or Login to post new comment. Your Feet Deserve Leather Shoes!

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