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external pageexternal frame Musandam Trip is a Musandam travel and tourism blog focused on providing accurate and detailed information to the people that are planning a Musandam trip.youtube.com We try our best to bring the 100% accurate information to help you plan a better Musandam tour. We bring the best Musandam tour packages, things to do, hotels to stay, places to visit, places to eat, visa and travel guide. Musandam Oman is divided into two major cities, Khasab Musandam Oman, being the regional capital of Musandam Governorate and Dibba Musandam Oman. Both are famous tourist destinations. If you are planning to visit Khasab Musandam Oman then here are the best Musandam Trip Packages. You can join a full day Khasab Musandam dhow cruise, if you have a full day to explore this amazing region.

youtube.comYou will enjoy dolphin watching, snorkeling swimming, delicious onboard lunch and will visit historical Telegraph and Seebi Islands. Along the way, you will have a view of small fishing villages. Join half day Musandam dhow cruise, if you have a short time. It will give you an opportunity to see natural wild dolphins, snorkeling and swim the pristine waters and visit Telegraph Island. Private Musandam Overnight dhow cruise is the best options if you are a sea lover and want to swim for more time and have fun with your friends and family members. It will give a chance to spend a night on traditional wooden dhow cruise and sleeping on deck in the open air. There will be all sleeping arrangements, unlimited refreshments, delicious lunch, BBQ dinner, and breakfast as well.

Want to explore the Khor Najd and Jebel Al Harim? Then Khasab Musandam mountain safari is your best option in Khasab Oman. Enjoy mountain trip with English speaking guide cum driver and air-conditioned 4 by 4 driver and have fun. You will see fossils, amazing landscapes, and breath-taking mountains. Khasab Musandam beach camping with dhow cruise with a fully action-packed adventure. You enjoy your full day watching dolphins, swimming and explore Musandam fjord and by evening you are taken to the Musandam campsite. Your host will set up everything for you from BBQ dinner to early morning breakfast. There will be tables, chairs, shower, and toilet facility, volleyball, play cards, music and wood for the campfire. If you are diving lover then there are amazing options for Khasab Musandam Diving as well and you can get basic training too if you are a newbie.

If you are an expert and have a driving license then you are good to go. HOW WE HELP YOU PLANNING A MUSANDAM TRIP? We have experienced and well trained and knowledgeable contributors. We have helped a huge amount of people to plan their perfect Musandam trip. At Musandam trip, we bring the best things to do, places to visit, hotels to stay, places to eat and most famous Musandam tour packages. We can help and guide you for booking the Musandam tour by suggesting to you what is best according to your budget and available time. Getting a Musandam Oman visa is also a bit tricky and we are here to assist you regarding Musandam visa requirements, on arrival visa eligibility, allowed nationalities and professions to get the visa for Musandam Oman. If you are just in the planning phase of the Musandam trip, you must read our Musandam travel guide and Dubai Musandam tour guide. HOW WE COLLECT INFORMATION?

The hydrological setting and groundwater quality of Musandam Peninsula was studied to investigate the influence of geological structures on the groundwater accumulation and groundwater salinity. Five sets of modified morphometric maps were used to reduce errors and carry out the geological structures. The modification was modified by applying mean filter to the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) then applying Soble filter with 10% threshold and equalization enhancement. D8 and algorithms were used to reveal the drainage basins and drainage networks of the entire area. The algorithm determines into which neighbouring pixel any water in a central pixel will flow naturally. Flow direction in a DEM is calculated for every central pixel of input blocks of a 3 × 3 window, all the time comparing the value of the central pixel in the window with the value of its eight neighbours. The spatial association between geological structures and drainage networks was studied using 2D graph and rose diagrams. Flood basin model was applied to simulate the Arabian Gulf water intrusion into the coastal aquifer. The concentrations of solutes in groundwater samples collected from Wadi Al Bih well field and well locations were correlated with the geological structure trends and intersections. The results of the study reveal that the drainage basins, drainage network and groundwater quality are structurally controlled by subsurface geological structure displacements.

MGP and MPC are part of the Oman Oil Company Exploration and Production LLC (OOCEP), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oman Oil Company (OOC) and Oman Gas Company SAOC (OGC). The two projects, considered milestones in the nation’s Renaissance march, will play a prime role in delivering sustainable energy to the Governorate of Musandam and meet its current and future demand for power. MPC is set up by a consortium comprising OOC (70 per cent stake) and LG International Corporation (30 per cent stake). The power plant uses natural gas as its primary fuel, with light fuel oil as a back-up to ensure uninterrupted power.

It can operate in extreme conditions, including high humidity and temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius. MPC has signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Oman Power and Water Procurement Company (OPWP), under which OPWP will purchase electricity produced by the plant for 15 years. MPC is an affiliate of Oman Gas Company. The electricity output will be transmitted to the existing medium voltage grid through a new 132KV transmission line being built by the Rural Areas Electricity Company SAOC. The plant’s 120MW net output capacity will support demand growth in Musandam. MGP is established by OOCEP, OOC’s auxiliary firm which is responsible for managing investments in exploration and production sector. The project included the construction of sub-sea pipelines, oil and gas storage depots and export platforms.

The plant’s production capacity is estimated at 45 million cubic feet of gas, 20,000 barrels of exportable condensates a day and 80 tonnes of liquefied petroleum gas each day. “The opening of these two facilities is an important energy boost for sustainable development of Musandam,” said HH Sayyid Mansoor. “I am delighted to witness this important moment that reflects rapid development of the Sultanate and would like to extend my congratulations to the peopleof Musandam and Oman Oil Company for this accomplishment,” he added. The feed gas required for the power plant comes from the adjoining Musandam Gas Processing Plant, a facility owned and operated by OOCEP.

The gas plant processes well fluids from the prevailing West Bukha field located close to Omani waters. Well fluids are transported from the offshore platform to MGP through a new sub-sea pipeline. A part of the natural gas output from the plant is channelled to MPC under a Sale and Purchase Agreement with Ministry of Oil and Gas, whilst the excess gas will be exported. OOCEP is currently focusing on upstream investments locally as well as internationally. Given the potential for growth, the company continues to search for opportunities that contribute towards value creation. Currently operating three blocks in Oman namely, 60, 42 and 48 and being active in a number of joint ventures, OOCEP has positioned itself strategically to potentially magnify its responsibility in Oman’s oil and gas ecosystem. The event was attended by a large gathering comprising their Highnesses, ministerial representatives and other delegates.

WHY CHOOSE KHASAB MUSANDAM TOURS? Khasab Musandam Tours have been serving for last more than 6 six year to solo travelers, small and large groups, cruise ship visitors and locals. We are well known for overnight dhow overnight beach camping and dhow cruise. Every year we serve a huge number of beach campers in Khasab Musandam Oman. Our mission is to provide the best Khasab Oman tour plans for all travelers and help them make the best of their holidays in Khasab Musandam Oman. We are committed to protect and respect Oman culture, local environment (dolphins, Oman Musandam fjords and their lifestyle. Musandam Peninsula has an abundance of sheltered fjords, some only connected to the mainland by narrow cliffs. Fjords, or Khors, created by fragmented rock stretching claw-like into the sea and massive overshadowing cliffs towering above are magnificently reflected in the water below.

youtube.comIT TAKES SOMETHING special for us to get up and drive a considerable distance for a meal in January. Actually, it is usually too much effort for anything this month. Some may be trying out Veganuary for the first time, for us, we're practicing our usual Janu-solitary: hunkering-down for four weeks trying to live up to our ambitious New Year 's fitness resolutions. However, when the opportunity to visit Six Senses Zighy Bay up the road in Musandam arises, even the most ardent hermits would have trouble resisting. And so it came to pass; one Thursday evening the car was loaded and the journey began.

What we thought would be an arduous yet visually mundane motorway trip quickly manifested, once across the little border, into an Indiana Jones mountain rush. Using our trusty Waze app (Google Maps doesn't work there), we went from single lane beach road, to gravel track, to rally course in a matter of minutes. And fewer than half an hour from the border we arrived at the property's Jurassic Park entrance gates. From there a hotel 4×4 took us over the steepest pass and descended into the resort. For those unfamiliar with the Six Senses getaway, it is essentially an eco-village set on the Oman enclave's pristine shores, cocooned by picturesque desert crags.youtube.com If you're not taking up residence in one of the most beautifully appointed chalets with its own private pool, relaxing in the spa, scuba diving or parasailing, you will most likely be eating. Sense on the Edge is the destination's signature dining spot, perched on top of a hill with a terrace overlooking the bay. At sunset it is stunning. Like no other restaurant perhaps in the entire region, the views truly are worth the journey alone. Sitting at one of the tables, perhaps a result of the virtual ambient silence, a wave of relaxation soon enveloped.youtube.com Then the food arrived.

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