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external site Increase your capacity to earn. Everyone has the same 24 hrs, but the wisdom of the rich Where Is Bet9ja Head Office In Lagos that they add more value to time.tiny.cc You cannot add more time to your day, but you can ad more value to your time. You must have deep interest in your work to increase your capacity to earn. Love your job or business and give it all your best so it can give you more and maximum earnings. In your pursuit of increased earning capacity, you must maintain a good mental and physical health as well as a healthy lifestyle. Engage in regular exercise to boost your stamina for work. Do you owe anyone, go and pay to retain your respect.

external pagebet9ja.comTake care of your families financial needs as aman to retain your respect. Don't buy luxuries on credit, you can borrow for investments and business but not for consumables. If you must borrow money, borrow for investments, nor for luxuries or liabilities. When Christians borrow and don't have capacity to pay, it doesn't mean they are bad , they are bad persons if they have capacity to pay and refuse to. Write a will of your properties, so you don't live your family in disarray when you are no more. In lending of money, be careful. The rich are rich because they are prudent with their money.

In managing your business, don't take it lightly when your employees mismanage your business and money,Hand them over to law enforcement agents. Don't give your hard earned money to people to perpetrate their indiscipline. Be sure before you lend money to anyone, make sure he has more assets in case the money fail. First check his or her sense of judgement if it is correct, before lend such one money. Stay aware from unclear deals like “oil and gas deal”, what is oil and gas deal? Run from fraudulent deals and investments. Don't borrow money based on emotions, or friendship, ensure the capacity to pay of the person.

Don't borrow money to give and help someone else with, if you do you will be carrying his or her burdens. Don't go gambling,betting and loosing. 9ja, Those who owns lottos and betting houses and companies, are multi millionaires earning from people's looses. When you loose they make money. No one becomes wealthy from lottery or gambling winnings, almost all those who earn big in gambling in the US, end up being poor, because they are not skilled in wealth creation. Don't invest your hard earned money in foolies and stupidity, invest in practicable businesses. Reduce the time it takes to do a job for a customer so you can do more of such jobs or business and increase your earning capacity.

This young man has since then gained stability in finance and could afford to send to the Benefactor, a goat and a Turkey as marks of gratitude. It’s rather a display of ignorance for What Bet9ja Is All About one to talk down on Viewing Centres and Bet9ja offices which happens to contribute in good measures to the GDP of the Nigerian Economy today. If only they knew. WHAT THEY WONT TELL YOU. The pictures which serve as annexures to this post are for the consumption of the reading audience. They contain things that the mischief makers would not tell you. They are verifiable facts on ground.

Re: Kennedy Ibeh Commissioning Of Bet9ja Project: The True Story by NotNairalandi(m): 5:16pm On Jan 05Please Hon.Kennedy Ibe I played bet9ja 3 odd with 100 naira and won 300 naira. Please sir can you help me with 299,700naira to add up to my 300 naira.I want to build a befitting bet9ja shop in my kindred.thanku sir! Re: Kennedy Ibeh Commissioning Of Bet9ja Project: The True Story by Beetobee(f): 5:17pm On Jan 05The true story is that he has helped him to destroy lives and relationships. 26 Likes 4 SharesRe: Kennedy Ibeh Commissioning Of Bet9ja Project: The True Story by cassyrooy(m): 5:18pm On Jan 05Leadership in Imo State has died since the late Sam Mbakwe.. Sadly, it's Obowo that made news due to reasons not worthy at all.. Re: Kennedy Ibeh Commissioning Of Bet9ja Project: The True Story by prince3009(m): 5:19pm On Jan 05Nice!

I would like to thank Google for their free wifi. I just dey hit FP like say tomorrow no dey! Re: Kennedy Ibeh Commissioning Of Bet9ja Project: The True Story by NOC1(m): 5:19pm On Jan 05Every story is two sided, the truth and the lies, but the lies spread faster than the truth and people always fall for the lies. Re: Kennedy Ibeh Commissioning Of Bet9ja Project: The True Story by arabbunkum: 5:20pm On Jan 05Everything about Imo State starting from Rochas is scam. Re: Kennedy Ibeh Commissioning Of Bet9ja Project: The True Story by wagazala: 5:21pm On Jan 05Kudos. Funding someone to open a bet shop is akin to funding someone to buy a car for uber or marwa. Betting is highly regulated in Nigeria and contributes massively to its GDP.

For those of us who criticize, would he have been better off opening a beer parlour? The true story is that he has helped him to destroy lives and relationships. Everything about Imo State starting from Rochas is scam. Re: Kennedy Ibeh Commissioning Of Bet9ja Project: The True Story by Naza25: 5:25pm On Jan 05They saw him with scissors commissioning the bet Naija kiosk, what else did you expect people to say? Re: Kennedy Ibeh Commissioning Of Bet9ja Project: The True Story by PStacks(m): 5:26pm On Jan 05Biafra land Jaga Jaga.. Nairaland - Copyright © 2005 - 2019 Oluwaseun Osewa. All rights reserved. See How To Advertise.

Soccer is one of the most popular games on the planet! That’s the reason why Bet9ja soccer special rules exist today. It’s also the very reason why you should try to play with these rules more often. There are some special options for betting on soccer that you will like to try. Let’s take a look at top 15 rules that will help you to win even more! If you are good at guessing who Where Is Bet9ja Head Office In Lagos about to leave the match, then you should try this type of Bet9ja betting. The rules do not neglect your right to guess who leaves the game. You may predict how many players will be out of the match this time.

You can also select at what time a player leaves the match. It can be a footballer that play in the current 45 minutes or his friend on the bench. The new Bet9ja soccer special rules allow you to choose a player who will score the first goal in the match! Nevertheless, the bet can be void if the player that you have selected does not appear in the match for any reasons. The bet will be lost if the selected player has not scored the first goal in the match. You will need to choose a player that can score a goal in the match. It’s very simple. You just need to select a player and set the bet that he can score a goal.

If he doesn’t score a goal, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgBY2DzRp3k|Where Is Bet9ja Head Office In Lagos]] then you lose. If he scores a goal, Bet9ja Shop then you are a winner. It’s similar to the previous bet. The Bet9ja odds provide you the opportunity to bet on one player and select the option that he can score several goals in one match. It’s also a very simple bet. The Bet9ja soccer special rules provide you an opportunity to bet on the minutes when the first goal is scored. You just need to select the minute of the game when the goal is about to be scored. If you are right, then you get the money! It can be also a very easy bet to predict.

The whole point Where Is Bet9ja Head Office In Lagos that you need to predict the number of corners to be in the match. You can also select the option if there are less or more corners in the match. For instance, less than 10 corners or more than 10 corners. It’s very similar to the first time scorer prediction. In this situation, you will need to predict if the selected player score in the first half or the second half. Nevertheless, it’s a very tricky bet. You have a lot of options to lose this bet. Let’s take a look! First of all, you will need to select when your scorer should score.

The 1st half. If you have selected that the player should score in the first half, What [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgBY2DzRp3k|Where Is Bet9ja Head Office In Lagos]] Bet9ja Email Address]] then you will win if the player (the selected one) scores in the first half. Nevertheless, you lose if the chosen player fails to do that in the first half or somebody else does it first. The 2nd half. It’s almost the same as the first half. You win only if you the selected player score a goal, but only in the second half. If somebody scores the goal in the first half or even your player scores the goal in the first half, then you lose. You just need to select a player who will not score in the match at all. You will lose only if he scores a goal. According to the Bet9ja rules, you can select a team which scores the first in the match. If you guess right, then you can enjoy your prize. The Bet9ja website will propose you to guess which of the proposed teams will have the first place in the table and which one will have the last one. If there are no goals provided in the selected period, then the results will be "no goals." The tables will be obtained from the official league website. [[https://tinyurl.com/bet9jaNG|tinyurl.com]]The special Bet9ja rules will provide you a choice to select between the groups of players [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgBY2DzRp3k|Where Is Bet9ja Head Office In Lagos]] the potential candidate should score a goal. If a player in the selected group of players scores a goal, then you win. Nevertheless, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4ejjUba5X4|Highest Bet9ja Winner]] if it does not happen, then you lose the bet. You will need to predict the situation, like "will it be assigned any card to a player or not?" It includes yellow and red cards. It’s also possible to bet on which time the card is to be assigned to the player. Do not forget that the card assigned to the player on the 1st second of the 11th minutes is assigned to be on the eleventh minutes (according to the bet rules). It’s just needed to select the team which scores the most goals in the selected matches. If you guess right, then you get all the money! You will have a set of selected time periods. You will need to guess in which of these time periods will be the first goal! You can also bet on the option "no goal at all"! It may sound like a fantasy, but there is a slight chance that a goalkeeper can score a goal in the game. Nevertheless, they can also play as other players and they are not glued to the gates. Sometimes, goalkeepers have a slight chance to score a goal even from their side of the field. If you manage to guess this result, then you will be a real winner of the game. The Bet9ja website gives you more possibilities to win the game! You just need to get them while there's still a chance! Sign up with Betway bonus code for the awesome welcome offer - 50% first deposit bonus up to NGN20,000 in free bets! Don’t forget to use the Betway bonus code. The 50% Free Bet is only valid provided: The customer is newly registered to the Betway platform. The customer must place bets equivalent to 3x the value of their first deposit. The Free Bet will only be paid once the customer has fulfilled the above requirements. The Free Bet will only be paid once the customer has fulfilled the above requirements. Customers have 30 days to meet the requirements to unlock the Welcome Bonus. Standard terms and conditions apply. Betway always gives great odds and ensures customer satisfaction among other things. You can find all the Betway bonus code details in the table below. Betway has staked its claim as one of Europe’s fast-growing Betting companies judging by their ever-increasing fanbase along with their many exceptional features. It’s absolutely no wonder at all in terms of how fast Betway has risen up the bookie pecking order as they provide reliable and efficient punting services to their customers with their online casino and popular sportsbook services. The bookmaker has a great welcome bonus which is on offer to new customers from Nigeria. New customers from selected countries are eligible to receive a welcome bonus upon Betway registration on the site, of course, they also have to meet up with a few requirements. Keep in mind that a Betway bonus code is not prerequisite for you to receive the Betway bonus, it’s a standard offer that Betway gives to new users without the need of a Betway bonus code of any sort. Before you proceed to betting at Betway, we suggest that you read the latest news on betting promos. And if you are interested in checking some similar offers to this one at Betway, then see what Bet9ja may have for you. How To Claim the Betway Bonus? Getting the Betway bonus is quite an easy task. The brand always wants to make it easier for their customers to use their services easily. [[http://tinyurl.com/jyjjh75|tinyurl.com]]1. The welcome bonus is strictly offered to new customers only. 2. The bonus is aimed for Nigerian Betway users. 3. To activate the bonus, it is necessary to make a bet with the value of the 3x of first deposit. 5. Once you have made the deposit, you have 30 days to meet the playthrough requirements. Once you meet these requirements, you can have more fun with the free bet you receive. Betway Bonus Code - [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgBY2DzRp3k|Where Is Bet9ja Head Office In Lagos]] it needed? When you register at Betway, you will not need the Betway bonus code for accessing the Betway welcome bonus. Ensure that the Betway terms and conditions surrounding this attractive offer are strictly adhered to, as Betway reserves the right to close down any account that breaches any of their rules or engages in any sort of exploitation practice. The opening of multiple/duplicate accounts will also result in removal from the Betway site (They have [[http://tinyurl.com/jyjjh75|technology]] that tracks that kind of stuff). If you’re intrigued by the Betway bonus offer then head on to the site and sign-up. You’ll be pleased to know that Betway strives to [[https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/provide|provide]] a qualitative betting experience for all it’s users so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t patronize them. Betway is an European bookmaker that launched its services in 2006 and since then they have developed a [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgBY2DzRp3k|proven track]] record of providing efficient and extremely reliable sports betting service to their customers. Betway’s HQ is located in Malta but they have different offices scattered around London, South Africa, Australia and Sweden with a fanbase of over 1.5 million punters. Betway has over 13,000 sports markets on offer, which underlines their diversity and versatility in terms of their sportsbook. They also have a Betway app available for download on the Apple App Store (iPhone and iPad devices). It is, for sure, easier to bet on Betway app and get access to all the offers. Download the Betway app from the iTunes or Playstore. Betway has an online casino and poker portal for punters who prefer the more traditional aspect of gambling or just anyone looking to try their hand [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4ejjUba5X4|How Bet9ja Affiliate Works]] in something other than sports betting. Betway has over 12,000 sports markets on offer [[https://register.bet9ja.com/?promocode=yohaig|including mainstream]] sports such as football, basketball, cricket, hockey, horse racing, tennis and many others. They offer great odds on popular sporting events which are comparable to some of the big names of the sports betting industry. They have a live-action center which helps to keep users updated on the latest happenings in sporting events all around the world. Betway has a great in-play betting system which allows users to stake on games that are already underway. This is a very useful feature as it allows punters to have some insight into who would be the great team/individual to stake on during the course of any sporting event. There are different betting options associated with live betting such as over/under, both teams to score and a couple of other options. Live streaming is a feature which adds to the thrill of staking on your favorite sporting events as it gives users the satisfaction of watching the games unfold live while they await the final outcomes. Horse racing is the only sport available to UK viewers for live streaming, although there’s live streaming services available to a host of other countries which entails different sporting events. So basically this feature lets you watch games live and while it allows users to keep track of their bets, it’s also a great way of just enjoying the sporting action.[[https://bit.ly/2I20eWi|bit.ly]] Sign-up on the Betway website in order to start enjoying the live stream feature, and also receive a Betway bonus offer alongside it, without the need for a Betway bonus code. Betway [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgBY2DzRp3k|Where Is Bet9ja Head Office In Lagos]] most definitely a world-class bookie as they have a lot of great features as well as a great bonus which does not require a Betway bonus code to receive. They have a live betting feature that is backed up by the presence of the live streaming feature which allows punters to enjoy their favorite sporting action from across the globe. Will Westcott Business Development Manager for Betgenius, details why Russia 2018 comes at a perfect time for African sports betting stakeholders, as consumers move to embrace in-play dynamics. The 2018 FIFA World Cup is projected to be the biggest global betting event on record, exceeding the estimated £1bn wagered on the same event four years ago. This summer’s main event will further underline the explosive growth in global betting markets. Innovative new ways to bet, sharper trading and enhanced marketing campaigns have broadened customer demographics and [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4ejjUba5X4|Bet9ja Highest Scoring Half]] swelled turnover year-on-year. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Africa, which has five teams, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal and Nigeria, heading to Russia. Although this probably has more to do with the buoyant state of its sports betting sector than the countries representing the region. Following its dynamic growth in European markets, in-play betting is expected to be the catalyst behind the massive expansion of sports betting across Africa. Although in-play is still a relatively recent addition to most African operators’ portfolios, over the course of the past two years, bookies have reaped the rewards of adding more events, more market types and investing in higher quality, faster data. In markets like Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgBY2DzRp3k|Biggest Bet9ja]] we are seeing a huge shift in customer activity from pre-match to in-play betting.[[http://tiny.cc/bet9jaNG|tiny.cc]] While Kenya (40% pre-match, 60% in-play) hasn’t quite tipped the scales, both South Africa (60:40) and Nigeria (60:40) show that the demand is growing rapidly. Unlike the highly competitive and price sensitive pre-match space, African operators are exploiting their in-play offering to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Football is the principal sport but creating a dedicated in-play betting destination is proven to facilitate cross-selling into other in-play sports and markets. Keeping customers on-site means better recycling of funds and subsequently increased turnover. After being exposed to a more engaging product, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4ejjUba5X4|[[https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRnKfXTUVAqcsIYhlSG1G8w|Bet9ja Shop]] African punters are gradually changing their betting habits. The same logic applies to BetBuilder, a product we’re launching with two major African bookmakers including Nigerian powerhouse Nairabet in the coming weeks. Indeed, of the African teams represented at the World Cup, Nigeria is by far the most important when it comes to sports betting.

The size of its population, a fanatical interest in football and easy access to live games has created a competitive and innovative betting sector meeting the demands of over 60 million punters. Like any flagship event, youtube.com the World Cup will bring huge numbers of new customers onto Nigeria’s betting sites this summer. As a supplier of trading technology and outsourced pricing across all major sports, Betgenius is playing a crucial role in this burgeoning market. Without a partner who understands the nuances of each African market and who can provide robust, customisable trading solutions, local operators risk losing out on the in-play boom. Despite retail’s dominance, online in-play betting is the key to growth across Africa and 2018 is the year this trend will accelerate.bet9ja.com With outright odds of about 250-1, the Super Eagles are unlikely to be the first African team to lift the World Cup in July. But with the right in-play product in place, the region’s bookmakers should all be winners.

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