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external page OKLAHOMA CITY - Dozens of Oklahomans spent the night at State Fair Park in order to secure their spot for a free two-day dental clinic.ohsu.edu The Oklahoma Mission of Mercy is hosting a free two-day dental clinic for people of all ages in Oklahoma City. Organizers say dental professionals will be offering a variety of services like cleanings, fillings, extractions, root canals on front teeth and limited ways to improve their smile at no cost to patients. The crowd started lining up on Thursday night, even though the first treatment wasn't scheduled to occur until 5 a.m. Roberta Messina, who said she had been waiting since 3 p.m. Mary Hightower, who was also waiting since 4 p.m. Patients are being seen on a first-come, first-served basis so many people decided to spend more than 12 hours in line to make sure they were seen. On Friday morning, organizers told News 4 that the clinic was already at capacity. They say anyone who comes in on Friday will be told to come back at 10 p.m.

external framepineplazadental.comDental health is important for every child, but it often gets overlooked. Tooth decay is still the most common childhood disease and if left untreated, it can lead to physical and psychological disabilities in children. Tooth decay is increased by the consumption of simple sugars as well as improper oral care. If you are one of those parents that think pediatric oral care is not important because they lose those teeth anyway, think again. It is very important and this is why. If decay is allowed to go on in the baby teeth, it can damage the permanent adult teeth developing near the roots of the baby teeth.

That kind of damage may be permanent and irreversible. Strong, healthy teeth and gums are important in children so there is no pain when they eat. If their mouths hurt when they try to eat, it can drastically affect their nutrition and cause weight loss. Healthy incisors are necessary for proper speech development. If a decaying tooth is not treated, an abscess of the tooth may occur. For these reasons, and so many more, it is important to stay on top of the dental care. Proper oral care should begin as early as the first tooth erupts around 4 months.

There are special oral cleansers for infants that can help you with the care. Children should first see a dentist around their first birthday to assess dental development and any possible risks. For preventative measures you should never let a child go to bed with a bottle that has anything other than water because studies show it causes decay. Also, you can limit your child's intake of sweets. Parents are an important role model so brushing your teeth with your children is a great idea and sets an excellent example. For a child's first visit to the dentist, a parent can expect a very gentle, yet thorough examination of the teeth, gums, jaw, and bite.

With some dentists, there is a cleaning and x-rays as well. When you make that first appointment, go ahead and ask exactly what you can expect from the visit so you and your child can be prepared and armed with knowledge. Pediatric dental offices do have a child friendly environment with activities and age appropriate books. They go out of their way to make it a fun environment for your child and soon, he or she will be excited to go to the dentist. Is the waiting area clean? Are there a lot of people in the waiting room so as your wait time might be lengthy? There are many things to consider when choosing the right dentist for your child but it is worth the time and effort.

Ninety-seven percent of Idaho suffers from a shortage of dentists. Almost half of Idahoans do not have dental coverage. Yet, low-cost, high-quality preventative dental care in Idaho is possible. All it would take to make basic dental care more affordable is for the Legislature to allow dental therapists to practice in Idaho. Dental therapists are mid-level dental care providers, basically the physician’s assistants of dentistry. These providers are trained to do more than dental hygienists, whose training is primarily limited to tooth cleaning, but they don’t have the same expertise as dentists. Still, dental therapists can crown teeth, fill cavities, extract teeth and perform other minor operations.

implantinstructor.comDental therapists do not offer gum surgery, root canals or dental implants — those procedures are still provided by dentists and surgeons. The implementation of dental therapists has already been successful elsewhere. Alaskan tribal clinics had the first dental therapists in 2004. Since then, a total of 18 states have allowed dental therapists to practice in some fashion within their borders. The first comprehensive study of dental therapists’ impact on health outcomes was published in 2017 by the University of Washington. Researchers found that tribal communities benefited greatly from dental therapists. A greater proportion of tribal members received preventative care and fewer had teeth extracted. In Minnesota, two studies found similar results: Access and care increased while costs went down for patients. These successes could be applied to our state’s woes. Last year, the Idaho Legislature expanded Medicaid to include preventative dental coverage.

Proponents argued this would reduce costs as fewer patients would end up receiving emergency dental care under Medicaid. Critics argued it didn’t make sense to have taxpayers paying for dental coverage for folks on Medicaid when almost half of Idahoans do not have dental coverage of their own. Dental therapists could alleviate the concerns of both parties. If therapists can provide preventative services rather than dentists, the state’s costs for covering these services will go down. For Idahoans who don’t have Medicaid coverage or access to private dental coverage, therapists could greatly increase access and affordability. As the state legislature looks to contain the costs of a burgeoning Medicaid program this coming year, dental therapists can provide part of the solution.

Allowing dental therapists to practice in Idaho would lower the barrier into the dental profession because therapists do not have to complete as much schooling as a dentist does. As such, there would be increased competition in the marketplace, leading to greater access and lower costs. Particularly in smaller rural communities, where there is not enough demand for multiple dentists, but too much for just one dentist, a therapist could meet that need. But dental therapists do not have to be viewed as competitors to licensed dentists. Dental therapists provide minor procedures, and by covering patients who need those services, the therapists allow dentists to take on the more complex and profitable procedures. Rather than spending her day performing examinations and filling cavities, a dentist could focus on root canals, implants and more.

This was the case in the dentists’ offices studied in Minnesota — each office saw its revenue increase as it could meet the needs of more patients. The move toward dental therapy comes at a prescient time. As healthcare costs are soaring, dental therapy could be a win-win solution for Idahoans. Patients across the state win as they have better access to dental services. Taxpayers win as the costs of Medicaid dental services can be reduced, albeit slightly. Dentists win as they are freed up to provide more complex procedures they have been trained to do. Legalizing dental therapy in Idaho should not be like pulling teeth. We all have something to gain.

Taking care of your teeth is extremely crucial for your overall health and wellbeing. A cavity that is ignored can emit an unpleasant odor resulting in bad breath which can adversely impact your social life. Tooth decay on spreading can lead to inflammation and dental abscess. All this can be easily prevented through early examination, diagnosis, and timely treatment. Dental disease is infectious and progresses rapidly when left unchecked. Get comprehensive dental care in this full-service facility which provides cost effective treatments using the latest equipments. If you have recently shifted to Gold Coast and are looking for a reliable and reputed dentist you can count on Hains Dental.

The staff at Hains dental is qualified, updated, caring, warm and have a preventive approach.aaid-implant.org They will inform you about the entire treatment procedure and the cost at the beginning so that you make an informed choice. Their services will keep you attended at all times and give you personalized attention. Get treated in a congenial environment by licensed doctors at Hains Dental In Gold Coast. Give your teeth the care they deserve with qualified dentists who will impart all preventive information to you so that you maintain your smile forever. Professional yet friendly and interactive the team of dental assistants at Hains will encourage and motivate you to maintain your oral health while answering all your questions and resolving your doubts.delanydentalcare.com They maintain a clean and hygienic environment and take all safety precautions so that you feel completely safe and secure about your treatment.

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