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amazon.comexternal page Flawless skin is not just hereditary but rather it is something you can achieve by following a skin care regimen diligently. Here are some tips that will help you care well for your skin and extract the maximum benefits from your skin care products. Your skin is a living organ that is influenced by a variety of factors including external climatic conditions.youtube.com Because the weather is not the same round the year, you should not be using the same set of skin care products throughout the twelve months. In winters, the skin loses moisture and becomes dry and chapped. Therefore, you should use rich creamy skin care products that moisturize the skin and prevent the seasonal dryness.

external frameSimilarly, in the summer, when the humidity is high, it is advisable to use lightweight skin care products. However, remember to wear a sunscreen all year round. Before you go to sleep at night, make sure you remove all the dirt and impurities from your face. The nightly face wash routine should be an integral part of your day. Use a cleanser or make-up remover to wash off all the make-up residues, dirt and debris from your face lest it seeps into the skin pores which could lead to acne and blemishes. Look for cleansers that contain ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

Try iS Clinical Cleansing Complex by Innovative Skincare, an anti-acneic cleanser that is great for resurfacing and deep cleaning the skin. Even though it is powerful, it can be used on sensitive skin without leaving the skin dry. It also contains antioxidants to fight free radicals. Sleep deprivation is the prime cause of puffy eyes, dark under eye circles, sallow skin and breakouts. Therefore, make sure you get good stress-free sleep every day. To treat puffiness and under eye circles, use an effective eye cream with anti-inflammatory ingredients. Try Skin Care Heaven Eye Serum. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles along with dark circles and puffiness. This eye serum is enhanced with powerful antioxidants from green tea and hydrated with Hyaluronic Acid.

Exfoliating your skin at least twice a week is very important to remove the layer of dead skin cells from the surface and reveal the fresh new cells from underneath. It keeps the skin clean and radiant. Try using the Skin Care Heaven Anti-Aging Exfoliating Scrub. It is a unique exfoliating scrub that releases energy in the form of heat to rejuvenate while exfoliating the skin. This scrub contains green and white tea to produce powerful antioxidants into the skin while helping to correct sun damage. This is an all-in-one cleanser and scrub that helps to improve mature and dehydrated skin. While using an exfoliant, it is extremely important to keep your skin moisturized.

It is advisable to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day in order to keep the skin hydrated and give it a healthy glow. Author's Bio: Naomi Andrews is a professional skin care esthetician. She has worked with several medical spas and has even opened up a medical spa in Maui that she ran for more than 3 years until she shifted to san Diego. She evaluates various skin care products from popular brands like Obagi and La Roche Posay. Please Register or Login to post new comment. Makeup expiry dates: Are your beauty products past their prime?

Thanks for your comment. I will check out your hubs also. Moons, I'm glad you enjoyed the hub. Thanks for your comment. Thanks for the tips. I will try it. Ms Info, I am so glad you enjoyed the hub. Thank you for the comments. Awesome hub. I'm a skin care and hair care product junkie, so the info on the natural products is very useful. Constanta, Thanks so much for your comment. Papernotes, I haven't tried to coconut milk yet but definitely plan to as my hair can use the help. I appreciate your comment. I never knew so much about other nation's beauty regimen until I have read your hub.

It was good to know that some of the beauty steps I do are also done by other ladies all over the world. I have been using coconut milk on my hair to moisturize and straighten it. Thanks for these information. I'll try them out and see if they will also work for me. Thank you for the tips. TheListLady, Thank you so much for your comments. What a super well done hub. Great information too. I just feel beautiful reading this article. I will bookmark so I can share it. Rated up and yay! Prasetio, I'm glad you enjoyed the hub and will share it. Thanks for your comments. I agree completely. Thank you for your comments. 8 years ago from Houston, TX.

Very nice tips and some very lovely ladies. It's very important that we take care of ourselves and look our best and be as healthy as we can be. Very inspiring hub. You share the beauty secret of woman all over the world. We can't separate between healthy skin and healthy hair. It should work together. I found great information. All the woman in the pictures so beautiful. I'll bookmark this one and I'll share to everyone. Don't worry, you get my VOTE for something beautiful like this hub. Good work, Pamela. You always the best. Spider Girl, I was most impressed with them also.

Thanks for your comments. Very nice compilation of beauty recipes from around the world. I personally believe in indian recipes: simple, yet effective! Dusty, Thank you so much for the humor, praise and comments. It's always a pleasure when your drop by. Pamela, I actually found this a good read with some interesting things after almost not reading it because I thought I had no interest in beauty secrets. Audry, I agree on those bird droppings. Thank you so much for your comments. Chris, I appreciate your comments. I wondered if anyone would mention using the crushed pearls as I've never met anyone who has tried them. Thanks for your comments. I knew a girl who took crushed pearls for her skin- and she had great skin!

I'm with BJ on the bird droppings - just my luck I'd forget I'd use it or not wash it all out and get attacked by an even bigger bird! That cold beer tip sounds good but I think I might wait until it warms up again before I try that 'at home'. What a fascinating subject and love the pics and the tips! I am not using bird dropping either but I thought some of the others were good suggestions. Thanks for your comment. Sage, I'm glad you enjoyed the hub and hope some of the products will be beneficial. Thanks for your comment. Pam - You really have some very unique ideas for hubs. I love this hub and will definitely try some of these techniques and products. Thanks so much for sharing these very useful hair and skin care products and techniques.

Voted up and bookmarked. Beautiful hub, Pamela, and fascinating skin care tips. I can see the benefit of all but the one from Japan using bird droppings from a “special” bird. I don't care how special that bird is; I ain't gonna use that product! JY, Well, I wondered how you got to be such a good looking guy. Thanks for your comments. I'm such a good looking cuss. Good info and well written. Darlene, I am so glad you loved the hub and thanks for sending it to your friends. I always appreciate your comments. Hello, I'm glad you enjoyed the hub also.

Thank you so much for your comments. That is a wonderful and interesting hub. Thank you for all the research you have done. Pamela this hub is so awesome and cool, loved it and I emailed your link to my friends. Very fun and I am going to save this to favorites and try some of these great ideas. Quill, Thanks for your comment and I have no doubt Mrs. Quill is lovely. Vrajavala, You're welcome. Thanks for the comments. Katiem, I like Burt Bees products also. Thanks so much for your comments. K9keystrokes, I'm glad you enjoyed the hub and I appreciate your comments. I love the skin and hair care methods used by the women in India. What a good idea and informative hub! Thanks for sharing your research! I love Burts Bees products. I love the line and use their lip shimmer, lip gloss, Moisturizer, Deoderant, and on and on I love them. Great tips on health and beauty products from around the world. Great stuff and Well done! Thanks for the tips.

Anti-aging skin care products are all the rage, but consumers often purchase and apply products without knowing how healthy the products are. Below are some important details about skin care products. Over the years, many new anti-aging products have surfaced, meant to improve your skin and make you look younger than you really are. These products are meant to rejuvenate the skin of people who are showing the signs of growing older. Bioethicists have raised questions regarding the implication of life extension. Additionally, there has also been a scuffle between medical doctors and cosmetologists regarding the boundary between a cosmetic and a pharmaceutical product.

Their reasoning is that if the anti-aging skin care products can have such excellent results, then they would be used for pharmaceutical purposes rather than cosmetic. Although hardly any product has been tested (experimented) on humans, there exists some truth to investigate behind these skin care products. Collagen is a natural fibrous protein found in the skin, bones and other connective tissues. It facilitates healing of slight damage to the skin e.g. through injury, cuts and sores. In addition, collagen plays a significant role in the skin aging process. As a support structure, it imparts young appearance to the skin.

In youth, collagen is abundant in the body and therefore makes the skin appear young and fresh.100percentpure.com With age, however, the levels of collagen decrease and wrinkles begin to appear due to decline in the support offered by collagen. Relevant application of these peptides to the skin is considered to have the effects of revitalizing the skin. Other natural skin care agents include anti oxidants, retinoids and tea extracts. Apart from increasing collagen levels, retinoids work by improving skin texture as well as facilitating the reduction of fine wrinkles and discoloration. Likewise, anti-oxidants, (sourced from coffee, vitamin C and Vitamin E) protect the skin against inflammation by preventing formation of free radicals.

Recent developments in the medical field have given rise to artificial peptides, which have been ratified for use. When these artificial peptides are combined with a fatty acid molecule, they can access the deeper layers of skin and promote the production of collagen, resulting to a firmer and rejuvenated skin in a period between I-3 months. Other chemical substances applied include sunscreen and hydroxyl acids, as well as a combination of the above named anti-aging products. Are There Healthier Alternatives? With a growing desire to consciously use products that are more natural, there are many opportunities to find anti-aging products that are healthier for the skin.

Author's Bio: Sam Moser is a freelance content writer who has been commissioned to report on a variety of topics ranging from the fashion industry to health tips. Since graduating from the School of Journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, Sam has almost written exclusively for the web. Please Register or Login to post new comment. Facial Skin Care - How to Hydrate and Moisturize Your Face? The Best Anti Wrinkle Night Cream Will Help Your Skin Appear Gorgeous During The Day! Anti Aging Skin Care Products - How do we Choose the Best Anti Aging Skin Care Products? What is the best over-the-counter face moisturizer? What is a Caffeine Nap and How is it so Effective?

Skin care products can only work its magic when it’s applied to the right skin type it was meant for in the first place. Understanding one’s skin type is the starting point in finding the perfect beauty regimen. As many notice throughout the year, skin care needs may change with the seasons. For example, in the winter months, more hydration may be required as compared to other months. With a flurry of beauty care products lining the shelves, it can be a tedious task deciding which one is the right choice. If possible, try to make an appointment with a skin care professional that can help take the guesswork out of what really is needed.

While having a skin care professional on hand is important, it’s also good to have some self-knowledge to determine dry, oily, normal, combination or sensitive skin types. Here’s a really simple test which can help with this. In fact, professionals recommend this be done every four to six months. After washing the face with a gentle cleanser such as a glycerin-based soap, wait an hour for a complete mirror analysis. When face to face with it, be mindful that the room is well lit or even bring a handheld mirror outside during the day. If skin feels tight or is rough, dry skin may be to blame.

Those with dry skin rarely ever experience acne, but they have to work hard in the anti-aging world to fight off fine lines and wrinkles. Those with dry skin agree that after applying a moisturizer, skin feels a whole lot better. Dry skin types generally need more moisturizers in the winter months especially if they’re into winter sports, such as snowboarding. If skin appears a bit shiny an hour after a washing, chances are its oily skin. Those with oily skin often battle acne breakouts, have oil buildup by the early afternoon hours, and have an acne flare-up if a thick moisturizer is used.

A normal skin type will always feel and look smooth as silk. The tone for a person with normal skin has even pigmentation and usually experiences acne during the hormonal times of the month. Generally, moisturizers don’t have a negative effect on normal skin. Those with a combination skin type have just that. Their forehead and nose tends to accumulate oil, while other parts of the face are dry. This oily area is often referred to as the T-Zone; and, it’s this area which often battles acne. Many women out there also fall under the group of sensitive skin. Following the use of particular beauty products, they may experience mild rashes, itchiness, red patches, and an overall sensitive feeling.

orlandosentinel.comHypo-allergenic products are typically the rule of thumb for sensitive skin people. No matter what skin type a person has, it can be dealt with by picking proper daytime and nighttime skin care products. And finding the right cosmetics is super important, too. Author's Bio: Steven Stern, chief esthetics officer of Skin Care Heaven based in Carlsbad, California, has immersed himself in providing an array of sterling skincare and mineral makeup products at his online shop for his clientele. Along with his staff of skin care professionals, Steven continually stays on top of the industry through continual education. Providing skincare advice and tips fuels his passion in helping others. Skin Care Heaven offers quick free delivery and a rewards program that gives 10 percent back. Please Register or Login to post new comment. Makeup expiry dates: Are your beauty products past their prime?

Many people, when they begin to age, often feel like it's not time for them to grow old, and they want to stay young longer. An extremely popular push in current media is the anti-aging campaign. You'll find a lot of coverage online for it as well. All throughout the world, a greater number of people are seeking anti aging products for themselves. As a result, the business of prolonging aging is more popular and lucrative, and manufacturers don't have to spend as much of their operating budget on publicity due to all the word-of-mouth. The major benefit of organic based products such as those made from the grape extract Reservation, is that they are much less likely to cause allergic reactions or skin damage over extended periods of use.

People who suffer from skin complaints or have sensitive skins should also avoid any products that contain alcohol or perfumes as these can often cause reactions. Cosmetics do not have to contain allergens, toxins and other irritating ingredients in order for them to work effectively. That doesn't mean that cosmetic companies are going to change the way they make their cosmetics, though. For example, an anti aging skin care review for a product from Adrienne Arpel published not long ago was from a person who had not used the product in about 20 years because she remembered it made her skin greasy. 75 for three weeks worth of a variety of skin care products, which she felt was not too much money.

Not everyone can afford to gon on this path. Hence, the only real solution is to find a great product and work on improving your overall wellness. If you already work out reasonably and eat healthily, then you're off to a great start. Also keep in mind that stress causes aging more quickly than anything, thus try to avoid vexing situations as often as you can. You should try and take care of your emotional wellbeing along with your physical wellbeing in order for your Anti-Aging regimen to truly work. Shield yourself from the sun's damaging rays. Protecting yourself from the sun's deadly rays is one of the best anti-aging strategies out there. Since exposure to the sun is one of the major causes of skin aging, less exposure to it can help you reduce the risk factor of skin cancer.

To protect your skin further, avoid sun exposure from 10 a.m. 2 p.m. and always apply sun block on your skin when you're outdoors. A lot of people have a reaction to the artificial preservatives used in skin care products. Good products will use Vitamin E, a natural preservative, instead. Vitamin E acts as a preservative and also stops free radicals from damaging your skin. The tendency to gain weight as you grow older. It's a fact that people tend to gain weight once they reach middle age. It's a slow conversion of muscle mass to fat storage due to lower activity levels, a slowing of the metabolism, and hormonal changes. Decreased exercise and aging seem to irrevocably result in fat storage. But it doesn't have to be that way. Keep up your activity levels by engaging in sport, walking, biking, swimming or some other regular exercise. Please Register or Login to post new comment. Beat time with these anti aging tips for men!

Men are often curious about how to reduce skin redness. Shaving, harsh cleansers, wind damage and the sun are usually blamed for the problem. But, the underlying cause is inflammation. Many people think of inflammation as the swelling that occurs when they sprain an ankle. But, the skin's layers can also become inflamed. Sometimes, the inflammation is chronic. Pimples are a sign of inflammation deep within the skin's layers; in the pilosebaceous unit. That's a big word that we usually call a pore. The hair-producing follicles are located in the pilosebaceous unit. Below the follicle is a gland that produces sebum. People with oilier complexions are said to have excessive sebum production.

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